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EIZO & Aras Innovator unite to streamline manufacturing processes
Fri, 8th Mar 2024

Aras, a notable PLM and digital thread provider, has formed a partnership with EIZO, a manufacturer of high-quality visual products for a diverse range of industries, including healthcare, air traffic control, and public safety. The collaboration aims to establish a reliable digital thread between development and manufacturing, streamlining, economising, and modernising processes.

Ryosuke Koizumi, IT Platform Development Section Manager at EIZO, expressed satisfaction with the partnership's outcome. He said, "Aras Innovator is working exactly as we originally envisioned, right down to the ease of linking data together and referencing links. The way it enables data connectivity directly to machines to reflect product specs and requirements at the push of a button represents the ultimate digital thread, the ultimate mass customisation."

EIZO is utilising Aras Innovator to create a successful digital thread, enabling smoother, more cost-effective, and easily adaptable procedures. This development allows EIZO to keep track of products and digital assets throughout the entire product lifecycle.

EIZO's integrated methodology, which covers planning, development, production, and quality control, underpins its success. To maintain an inclusive in-house system, complete management of information emanating from product development through to manufacturing is fundamental. However, former product data management functions hindered the company from developing additions for use with Engineering Change Requests and Change Orders, and enterprise resource planning.

EIZO chose Aras Innovator as its new product lifecycle management solution for a multitude of reasons. The flexibility of Aras Innovator's open platform allows users to extend functionality, enabling users to adapt and evolve over time quickly. EIZO could transition from its old system to Aras smoothly, with minimal impact on business operations or employee morale, significantly enhancing operational efficiency.

Now, EIZO can track products and their digital assets from conception through design, manufacturing, proof-of-concept, and service, offering clarity across the entire product lifecycle. Moreover, Aras Innovator's transparent subscription model, which depends on actual user numbers, allows EIZO to forecast costs easily.

According to Ryosuke Koizumi of EIZO, "Aras Innovator has provided the foundations for us to realise that new world."

Masahiko Hisatsugo, a resident of Aras Japan, emphasised the importance of companies like EIZO having comprehensive visibility throughout the entire product lifecycle. He noted that EIZO's decision to adopt Aras Innovator was primarily driven by the need to establish a solid framework for data exchange.

Hisatsugo commented, "Companies like EIZO must have complete visibility across the entire product lifecycle. One of the main reasons EIZO chose Aras Innovator was the overriding goal of creating a foundation for data exchange. They now have a complete flow of information from upstream and downstream in one place."

This collaboration between EIZO and Aras Innovator is a significant example of the growing role of digital threads in streamlining manufacturing and product development processes, demonstrating the benefits of digitalisation for companies in diverse industries.