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Enterprise video up 91% due to COVID-19, Brightcove data finds

As a result of remote working setups due to COVID-19, enterprise video has increased significantly in Australia and New Zealand.

This is according to Brightcove’s new Q1 2020 Brightcove Global Video Index, which analyses hundreds of millions of recent data points from Brightcove's customers globally to provide insights into how viewers are watching video content.

According to the data, across marketing, sales, and corporate communications enterprise video overall saw a 91% increase.

The month of March, the timeframe when many enterprises shifted to a completely remote workforce, accounted for more than 41% of all video views from the quarter, with the second half of the month accounting for 23% of the quarters' total video views.

The data shows that business continuity is heavily dependent on having access to video technology as it allows for more seamless communication across the enterprise, as well as helps organisations stay better aligned on important corporate messaging.

Enterprises have been migrating toward more video communication for years, however the pandemic forced many to accelerate their digital transformation initiatives in order to effectively stay connected with employees and customers, Brightcove states.

The data from Q1 supports the notion that adopting video as a core communications strategy is an essential component to maintaining business continuity, according to the company.

Other notable stats from the Q1 2020 Brightcove Global Video Index that are specific to the retail and marketing segment in the ANZ region include that retail and marketing video views in the Australia and New Zealand region increased by 50%, and video completion rates were twice as high on tablets as on smartphones, with computer completion rates nearly as strong.

As far as specific devices go, smartphone views increased by 98% and earned a 67% share, up from 51% a year ago; tablet views declined 35% and share fell to 5% from 11%; and connected TV views dropped 37% with share at 1%, a decline from 2% a year ago.

Brightcove principal analyst and author of the Global Video Index Jim O’Neill says, “The pandemic has been video's evolutionary event. Whether it's holding a company meeting or hosting an industry conference, enterprises will continue growing their need for secure, reliable video technologies to stay connected both internally and with the market and customers.

"As we move through Q2, we can expect to see more use of video as well as more unique and innovative use cases, as organisations across the globe continue to stay connected with their employees and customers."

Brightcove's Global Video Index assesses more than 400 billion anonymised data points from Brightcove's thousands of customers each quarter, drawing industry insights that can help guide strategic and tactical decisions for businesses of all sizes.

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