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Epson EH-LS800: The new revolution in 4K home theatre projection
Tue, 5th Dec 2023

The world of gaming and home theatre experiences continues to be redefined by the growing capabilities and innovations in projection technology. The Epson EH-LS800 4K PRO-UHD1 Ultra Short-Throw 3-Chip 3LCD Smart Streaming Laser Projector is the latest entrant to create ripples.

Released in Sydney on 30th November 2023, the Epson EH-LS800 is crafted to meet the burgeoning demand for larger, sharper, and more immersive displays. The device displays vibrant colours and deep blacks and offers a stunning 4K HDR viewing experience up to 150 inches. It also uses advanced ultra-short throw technology and a laser-array light source, ensuring bright, colourful and sharp projection in any environment.

By capturing the viewer's attention, the EH-LS800 Smart Streaming Laser Projector is perfect for a wide range of applications, be it live streaming from sporting events, gaming, or enjoying movies. The immersive experience is highlighted by the projector's ability to be placed inches away from the wall, offering a display of up to 150 inches that wraps viewers into the scene unfolding on their screens.

The EH-LS800 takes picture quality to new heights with its proprietary 4K PRO-UHD1 3-chip 3LCD technology. It emits an impressive 4,000 lumens of both colour and white brightness, significantly enhancing projected content's colour accuracy and brightness.

Its list of features is rounded up by the latest Android TV5 interface and an impressive built-in 2.1 channel virtual surround system designed by Yamaha. It supports 4K1 HDR content with a refresh rate of 60 Hz. It has a dedicated HDMI port for gaming, thus supporting 1080p/120 Hz signals and under 20ms input lag, perfect for immersive gaming experiences.

The sleek and modern design of the EH-LS800 adds to its appeal as the projector sits inches from the wall for obstruction-free viewing, making it suitable for a variety of décor styles. Its multi-point picture adjustment feature and individually adaptable feet also offer an easy setup.

Other key features include an ambient light sensor, which automatically optimises picture brightness according to the environmental light, offering enhanced contrast and depth in the image. The Epson EH-LS800 Smart Streaming Laser Projector is also equipped with Epson Ambient Light Rejecting screens, capable of absorbing up to 90% of ambient light, enhancing the contrast for a sharper viewing experience.

The Epson EH-LS800 Smart Streaming Laser Projector is now available at a retail price of AUD $5,699.00 and NZ$6,999.00, inclusive of GST. 

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