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Exclusive: How Alteryx is supporting the data revolution
Tue, 19th Mar 2024

In a world where data reigns supreme, organisations are constantly on the lookout for innovative ways to harness this invaluable asset. Heidi Badgery, Managing Director for ANZ at Alteryx, an AI analytics automation enterprise platform, recently shed light on how the company is positioning itself at the forefront of this data revolution. During an in-depth interview, Badgery's insights not only highlighted the evolution of Alteryx but also delved into the broader implications of data management and AI's transformative power in today's digital age.

Founded in 1997, Alteryx has stood the test of time, evolving alongside the dynamic data landscape. "Alteryx is exciting because it has been in the data space for over 25 years," Badgery remarked. This longevity has allowed the company to witness first-hand the transformation of data management from a niche specialisation to a cornerstone of modern organisational infrastructure.

Addressing the often-quoted analogy of data as the new oil, Badgery provided a nuanced perspective that extends beyond the superficial comparison to wealth. "Data is the new oil because if you don't treat it right, it is high risk. If you don't govern and secure your data, there's high risk. But if you don't use it, there's no value," she explained. This analogy aptly captures the dual-edged nature of data's potential and pitfalls.

With operations spanning 90 countries and a robust community of over 520,000 members, Alteryx's global footprint is a testament to its widespread adoption and impact. The company's commitment to innovation is evident in its product development, with a focus on AI and machine learning. "We've been integrating large language learning models into the product since 2019," Badgery noted, underscoring the company's proactive approach to leveraging advanced technologies.

According to Badgery, one of Alteryx's key differentiators is its inclusive platform, which caters to users across the spectrum of data expertise. "What really differentiates Alteryx is the low-code, no-code capability, which means that you can leverage Alteryx to do analytics and to automate processes, irrespective of your data maturity," she highlighted. This accessibility is crucial in democratising data analytics and enabling a broader base of users to derive value from data.

Badgery also touched on the significant role of AI in driving customer adoption, particularly in the context of hybrid cloud and multicloud environments. "AI is really lowering the barrier to entry for adoption," she stated, acknowledging the trend towards more inclusive data practices. This shift is pivotal in enabling organisations to leverage their second most valuable asset — data — effectively and securely.

The conversation further explored Alteryx's industry-agnostic appeal, with Badgery noting that the platform's utility varies across sectors due to its adaptability and comprehensive data governance capabilities. Whether in highly regulated fields like banking and financial services or in creative domains reliant on predictive analytics, Alteryx facilitates tailored data analytics solutions that meet the unique needs of each sector.

One such example is Zurich Insurance, which has worked to leverage Alteryx in its finance function. Badgery describes them as forward-thinking when it comes to AI, saying, "Their position is if you educate your people and make them better data stewards, then you can then you lower the risk of what they're doing with AI because they understand the inherent risk in using generative AI and in the public domain." This particularly highlights the importance of guardrails when utilising AI.

Looking to the future, Badgery expressed optimism about the potential of AI to augment human creativity and decision-making. "We're so early in learning, and there's so much potential there," she reflected, envisioning a future where AI and human ingenuity converge to unlock unprecedented possibilities.

As we continue in this era of data revolution, Alteryx, under Badgery's leadership, is set to maintain its spot at the forefront of the industry.

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