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Exclusive: How Blackpearl continues to sail through the storm
Fri, 27th Oct 2023

In an exclusive interview with Nick Lissette, Chief Executive Officer of Blackpearl, we gained insights into the remarkable journey of Blackpearl, a New Zealand-based company that has been making waves in the world of data-driven software for small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs). Lissette's passion for his company and its unique approach to solving the challenges faced by SMBs was evident throughout our conversation.

Blackpearl's primary focus is on creating data-driven software-as-a-service products tailored specifically for SMBs. This commitment to serving the SMB market is deeply rooted in the company's origins and its understanding of the unique needs and challenges faced by entrepreneurs and small business owners. Lissette emphasized that their decision to target this segment is not only based on their New Zealand heritage but also on their recognition that "big" means something different to Americans compared to Kiwis.

Operating primarily in the United States, Blackpearl has strategically positioned itself to cater to over 70% of its customer base, with a strong focus on the American market. Lissette explained that while they have customers around the world, their main revenue source comes from the United States, and this trend is set to continue as they expand.

One of Blackpearl's standout products is "Pearl Diver," which has revolutionized lead generation for SMBs. This innovative tool leverages cutting-edge technology in identity resolution to identify who is visiting your website, providing an immediate boost in leads for businesses. Within 90 days of its launch, Pearldiver catapulted Blackpearl's revenue from zero to an impressive $1.5 million. Lissette described it as "the first sort of new technology that we've launched from our primary investment," marking a significant milestone for the company.

In response to market demand and the need for more comprehensive solutions, Blackpearl recently introduced "Flows" as an add-on to Pearl Diver. Flows allows businesses to create self-perpetuating audiences, streamlining their marketing efforts and ensuring that resources are allocated efficiently. Lissette pointed out that this addition aims to make marketing more effective and affordable for SMBs.

Blackpearl's success is deeply intertwined with its embrace of artificial intelligence and machine learning. Lissette emphasized that their entire technology stack is driven by AI and ML. Their experience in cloud email security and email analytics has honed their ability to leverage data ethically and effectively, enriching their offerings.

Looking to the future, Lissette hinted at their plans to further integrate generative AI into their products, enhancing their ability to assist businesses in making data-driven decisions. He underscored that the goal is not to replace jobs but to eliminate low-value tasks, freeing up time and energy for high-value creative work.

When it comes to industries, Blackpearl takes a horizontal approach, focusing on a persona-based approach rather than targeting specific verticals. Their goal is to serve anyone from solopreneurs to companies with up to 1,000 employees who are looking for effective ways to boost sales.

The COVID-19 pandemic has undoubtedly impacted businesses worldwide, but Blackpearl's unique value proposition has helped SMBs weather the storm. Their commitment to providing exceptional value for money and tangible results has resonated with customers facing economic challenges.

Blackpearl's growth and momentum are undeniable. According to Lissette, they are the best-performing technology stock in the last quarter and the fastest-growing public technology company in New Zealand. While some may question how they differentiate themselves from competitors, Lissette's answer is clear: their people. The entire Blackpearl team deeply cares about their customers and their success, making them stand out in the market.

Blackpearl's success story is a testament to its unwavering commitment to serving SMBs with innovative, data-driven solutions. As they continue to grow and expand, their focus on AI-driven technology and dedication to their customers will undoubtedly fuel their rise as a prominent player in the data-driven software industry.

Lissette had a very succinct way of mapping out Blackpearl's trajectory, saying, "When you start off in business, you're a lot like a little boat, almost a dinghy taking off into the sea. You start off with great enthusiasm, the waters are good, and you're running away. But it only takes a little storm, one person in that boat to go overboard and get blown off course."

"What I'm saying is like, we're no longer a ship, like a boat, we're more like a spaceship."