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Exclusive: How GEN8 is supporting the Gen AI transition
Tue, 12th Mar 2024

In the swiftly evolving landscape of generative artificial intelligence (AI), one consultancy is making waves by guiding businesses through the complexities of integrating these technologies into their strategies. GEN8, founded and led by Tim Sharp, stands at the forefront of this revolution, offering a trifecta of services: strategy, upskilling, and governance. In an exclusive interview, Sharp sheds light on GEN8's mission and its role in preparing businesses for the future of AI.

Sharp characterises GEN8 as a "generative AI strategy consultancy," a title that encapsulates its comprehensive approach to helping businesses navigate the murky waters of AI innovation and disruption. While working globally, GEN8 has a pronounced focus on the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region, leveraging Sharp's extensive experience in the area to serve a diverse clientele.

A critical aspect of GEN8's offering is its emphasis on upskilling and governance alongside strategic planning. The consultancy recently launched an open-enrolment course titled "Navigating Generative AI," aimed at democratising access to top-tier AI education. This course builds upon GEN8's prior work with large corporates, offering quarterly sessions that mix theoretical understanding with practical applications.

Sharp, an advocate for the responsible use of AI, allocates a significant portion of GEN8's budget to experimenting with a broad array of generative AI tools. This experimental approach not only refines their consultancy services but also ensures that GEN8 remains at the cutting edge of AI application in business contexts.

Consulting, as Sharp reveals, is perhaps GEN8's most recognised service, reflecting his personal passion for strategic planning. However, the demand for upskilling has surged, highlighting the market's acute need for guidance in the effective and ethical application of AI technologies. Feedback from the courses has been overwhelmingly positive, with participants praising the balanced mix of theoretical and practical learning experiences.

According to Sharp, the sheer pace of technological change and the increasing need for companies to differentiate between AI's potential and hype are driving forces behind the adoption of generative AI in businesses. As organisations seek to harness AI's capabilities, GEN8's role in providing clarity and direction becomes ever more crucial.

Sharp's vision for GEN8 is not to create another agency but to explore the possibilities of a business model that leverages generative AI tools to deliver innovative and efficient strategies. With a lean operation that consists of himself and a suite of AI tools, Sharp exemplifies the potential for small teams to make significant impacts in the strategy consultancy space.

Looking ahead, GEN8 aims to maintain its momentum by continuing to offer high-calibre services to both large clients and individuals. Sharp hints at the possibility of developing more advanced courses, catering to varying levels of familiarity with AI technologies.

GEN8 exemplifies a pioneering approach to strategy consultancy in the age of generative AI. By focusing on strategy, upskilling, and governance, GEN8 is not just navigating the current landscape of AI innovation but actively shaping its future, ensuring businesses are not merely reactive but ready to harness the transformative power of AI.