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Exclusive: Knowby has the know-how for its customers
Tue, 29th Aug 2023

Knowby is a pioneering technology company deeply committed to democratising access to know-how and empowering individuals and organisations with the tools they need to learn, innovate, and excel.

At its core, Knowby believes that knowledge should be a universal resource, accessible to all, regardless of background or location. It is this principle that drives the company's mission to break down barriers to information and cultivate a world where know-how is within everyone's reach.

To learn more about Knowby and what they do for their customers, TechDay spoke with Clint Collins, the CEO of Knowby.

Who is Knowby?

Knowby is a company that is passionate about learning, relentless in its pursuit of innovation, and deeply invested in the idea that everyone, everywhere, should have the tools they need to thrive in an ever-changing world.

The idea behind Knowby was originally conceived back in 2019 by Grant Rogers but took a few years to come to fruition. Getting the right team on board to drive it forward resulted in a funding round in 2022 and a re-launch in February 2023, so the company has officially been around for only six months now.

The company operates internationally, but its main growth since launch has been in Australia, New Zealand, and North and South America. The team at Knowby is currently sitting at around ten employees. The majority of these are in Australia, but with a truly fluid working environment, Knowby has team members located around the world.

What is Knowby best known for?

Knowby Pro is the company's standout solution, designed to revolutionise how knowledge is acquired and shared. This platform is far more than a learning tool; it's a comprehensive system for capturing and sharing know-how in a modern, efficient way. With real-time editing and sharing capabilities, Knowby Pro ensures there's always one up-to-date version of instructions available for both Pro and Public users. 

The platform is intuitive, accommodating users of all tech proficiency levels, and it's flexible, with multilingual support and availability on both web and mobile platforms. With Knowby Pro, Knowby is making the acquisition of new skills and knowledge accessible, engaging, and incredibly efficient – a true innovation built on deep research and user-centric design.

Knowby is deeply committed to iterating and enhancing its platform based on the invaluable feedback it receives from its customers. Recently, Knowby launched a significant update to its platform that introduces a suite of intuitive tools designed to make the creation and management of instructional content more seamless and user-friendly and available on the go.

Moreover, without unveiling too much at this stage, the company is thrilled about a groundbreaking Assistive Technology feature that it has in the pipeline. This is a direct response to its users' needs for more dynamic and interactive content and is set to redefine the way instructional content is created and consumed. Knowby can't wait to share more about this in the near future as it continues to push the boundaries of what its platform can achieve.

Knowby's evolution is driven by its users. The company is continually analysing user feedback and industry trends to ensure that it is not only meeting but exceeding the expectations of its community. This ethos of continual improvement is central to Knowby's mission to revolutionise and democratise access to know-how. 

"We're just blown away by how much love and support Knowby has gotten since we launched. It's amazing to see companies big and small really get what we're offering, and they love it," says Clint Collins, CEO, Knowby.

"We've built something solid here, and we're just scratching the surface. The future? We're so excited – Knowby is on track to be the game-changer for how know-how gets captured and shared."

Does Knowby utilise AI in its solutions?

Knowby leverages artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) technologies within its platform, but it employs them in a thoughtful and user-focused manner. One of Knowby's core principles is to harness these technologies to enhance and simplify the process of creating and engaging with instructional content, making it more efficient and effective for its users.

Knowby is particularly excited about an upcoming feature – without revealing too much – that employs advanced AI techniques to elevate the interactive and dynamic nature of the content on its platform. Knowby's goal is to empower its users with tools that feel intuitive and responsive, and AI and ML are key components in achieving that mission.

Who are Knowby's customers, and what are their challenges?

What industry doesn't value the intuitive creation and sharing of know-how to solve their problems? 

Knowby prides itself on developing a platform that has widespread applicability and utility. It hasn't found an industry where Knowby doesn't add value – Knowby's platform is designed to democratise knowledge sharing and streamline the learning process across the board.

That being said, the company has observed especially strong traction within sectors that heavily rely on detailed procedural guidance and hands-on training, such as mining, manufacturing, healthcare, and consumer goods. In these fields, Knowby's ability to turn complex instructions into clear, easy-to-follow steps is proving to be a game-changer.

Knowby's customers frequently grapple with efficiently creating, updating, and sharing precise and actionable instructional content. They face challenges in ensuring the consistency and accuracy of knowledge across teams and reducing the time and complexity involved in training new staff. These challenges can lead to employee frustration, decreased morale, and diminished effectiveness. 

Knowby addresses these issues by transforming intricate and diverse forms of instructional content into streamlined, step-by-step guides. By leveraging cognitive load theory research, Knowby crafts learning experiences that are intuitively designed to ease the assimilation of new skills. This empowers organisations to not only democratise know-how but also boost the morale and effectiveness of employees. They can confidently and consistently deliver high-quality work, knowing they have clear and easily accessible guidance at their fingertips.

Furthermore, Knowby's advanced analytics provide invaluable insights into knowledge utilisation and proficiency. This means organisations can track engagement, identify trends and pinpoint areas for improvement, ensuring that the knowledge-sharing process remains dynamic and effective, helping them to stay ahead of the competition.

The COVID-19 pandemic and the subsequent shift towards hybrid work models have had a profound impact on Knowby's customers and the solutions it provides at Knowby. With the pandemic introducing unprecedented changes in the work environment, employee churn became a prominent challenge for many companies. The need to rapidly onboard new team members and equip them with the essential skills and knowledge to be productive became a critical focus in sustaining and growing businesses post-COVID, which is where Knowby comes in.

There are several key market trends driving customer adoption and the success of Knowby. Firstly, the 'do more with less' ethos pervades modern business, leading organisations to seek tools that enhance efficiency and productivity without increasing headcount or costs. 

Secondly, the company is witnessing a shift in the digital age where attention spans are seemingly becoming shorter. Knowby's platform, with its clear and concise step-by-step instructions, is designed to align with this reality and facilitate quick, effective learning. 

Lastly, the increasing complexity of modern professions and day-to-day operations requires a new approach to knowledge sharing and skill acquisition. In a world where tasks are no longer as simple as 'hammers and nails,' Knowby's intuitive and assistive technology serves as a bridge to help individuals navigate and master this complexity, enabling them to thrive in their respective fields.

Does Knowby have technology partners?

Knowby is honoured to be part of Google's prestigious Startup Program. This partnership has been instrumental in establishing a solid technology foundation for Knowby's platform, leveraging Google Cloud's robust and scalable infrastructure. Google is at the forefront of emerging technologies, and through this program, the company gains immediate access to the latest tools and resources. Knowby's collaboration with Google involves regular consultations, technical support, and access to a suite of cutting-edge cloud services that empower the company to continuously innovate and enhance the Knowby platform. This partnership not only bolsters its technical capabilities but also aligns the company with Google's extensive network of expertise and knowledge.

"In a world full of information, what sets Knowby apart isn't just what we're building; it's how we're building it. We're crafting a new way to learn, work, and share expertise, and every step is backed by some deep, cutting-edge research," adds Collins.

"We're using some seriously smart tech behind the scenes to enable anyone to create crystal-clear step-by-step guides. It's like we've taken the best teaching assistant in the world and made it available to everyone. That's Knowby's magic, and it's a game-changer."