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Exclusive: Unpacking the intricacies of digital security with DigiCert
Tue, 20th Feb 2024

In an insightful conversation with Brian Trzupek, Senior Vice President of Product at DigiCert, we delved into the intricacies of the company's evolution, its pioneering solutions, and the dynamic landscape of digital security. Trzupek, with his profound knowledge and vision, offered an in-depth look into DigiCert's role as a linchpin in the realm of digital trust.

Founded in 2003, DigiCert has cemented its status as a leading provider of digital trust, leveraging its expertise in Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) to ensure seamless and robust security across the globe. With a sprawling presence from its headquarters in Salt Lake City to offices in Australia, Japan, London, the Netherlands, Switzerland, and Cape Town, DigiCert boasts a workforce of approximately 1400-1500 employees, embodying a global powerhouse in digital security.

Trzupek highlighted DigiCert's commitment to innovation, particularly through its Trust Lifecycle Manager product and its integration with Let's Encrypt. This integration has garnered significant acclaim for its ability to provide comprehensive visibility and management across digital infrastructures, a testament to DigiCert's forward-thinking approach.

The conversation also touched upon DigiCert's exploration of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to enhance customer support and streamline product functionalities. AI's role in automating complex processes and ensuring efficient certificate and identity validations underscores DigiCert's pursuit of cutting-edge technologies to bolster security measures.

DigiCert's SSL certificates represent the cornerstone of its offerings, accompanied by an expansive suite of solutions targeting various aspects of digital security, from IoT device management to software trust for DevOps cycles. This diversified portfolio not only signifies DigiCert's dominant market position but also its agility in addressing emerging security challenges.

A pivotal focus of our discussion was the imminent threat posed by quantum computing to digital security. Trzupek's candid admission of underestimating this threat underscores a broader industry awakening to the profound implications of quantum advancements in cryptography. DigiCert's proactive stance on crypto-agility and its endeavours to safeguard against quantum vulnerabilities illustrate the company's leadership in preparing for a quantum future.

Furthermore, Trzupek elucidated the importance of integration in distinguishing DigiCert from its competitors. The seamless synergy between DigiCert's trusted certificates and automation technologies offers a unique value proposition, enabling a more cohesive and secure digital environment.

Market trends such as the shift towards multi-cloud environments and the growing emphasis on crypto-agility are shaping customer adoption. DigiCert's strategic partnerships, notably with Oracle Cloud and FOSSA, reflect its commitment to addressing these trends through collaborative innovation.

Reflecting on DigiCert's trajectory, Trzupek underscored the company's robust foundation and burgeoning growth areas. The ongoing focus on integrating diverse digital infrastructures, coupled with a keen eye on emerging challenges such as multi-cloud governance, positions DigiCert at the forefront of digital security.