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Fall into solar and embrace autumn adventures with BLUETTI
Mon, 11th Mar 2024

Get ready to savour autumn's outdoor fun! BLUETTI's  recent Fall into Solar event from March 7-24 grants up to $1499 off on a range of power solutions. It’s time to gear up and embrace adventure without sacrificing modern comforts. 

BLUETTI SwapSolar Ecosystem for 3-6 Days Road Trips

Say goodbye to soggy sandwiches and power shortages on your extended trips with the BLUETTI SwapSolar ecosystem. This dynamic duo consists of the AC180T hot-swappable battery power station and the MultiCooler portable fridge, ensuring you enjoy the comforts of home on wheels.

The AC180T generator delivers 1,800W power for all your essential devices, from coffee makers to portable air conditioners, phones, tablets, and more. Its hot-swappable battery design lets you replace its two B70 batteries while it's working. 

No more ice bags for travelling. The MultiCooler doesn’t need ice— it makes it in a few minutes with its built-in ice maker. Plus, with its spacious 42qt (40L) compartment, you'll have ample space to store all your supplies. Setting temperatures from -4°F to 68°F (-20℃ to +20℃) is a breeze via the intuitive touchscreen or the BLUETTI app on your phone. 

Recharge it effortlessly by plugging into your car, AC outlets, or using one of the AC180T's B70 batteries, which sustain it for up to 6 days. With a battery inserted and linked to PV200 folding solar panels, it also supports 200W solar charging for uninterrupted freshness off the grid. 

BLUETTI Portable Powerhouses for Powered Camping

These BLUETTI portable power sources allow you to pack light, yet have enough power to capture nature's beauty. The compact EB3A weighs in at 4.6kg and is versatile enough to charge your phones, cameras, flashlights, and even a mini fridge. For powering larger appliances such as a coffee maker, choose the AC70 with 1,000W power and 768Wh capacity. Connect them to portable panels like the BLUETTI MP200 for fast solar charging, and you'll have consistent, clean power wherever you go.

Fancy some glamping with BBQ? The AC180 power station is your go-to, boasting 1,800W power and 1,152Wh capacity. It effortlessly powers various devices like car fridges, electric grills, ice makers, and music equipment. In addition to its 1,440W Turbo AC Charging, which completes in just 2 hours, it harnesses ample sunlight to replenish in 3 hours with some MP200 or PV350 solar panels. 

BLUETTI AC200 Series for Ultimate Off-Grid Living Experience 

Packing around 2kWh of power in a compact design, this series, including AC200L, AC200MAX, and AC200P, is a game-changer for any adventurer seeking independence on the road.

The newest addition AC200L boasts a bigger 2,400W power output to run most appliances in your motorhome, from water pumps to fridges, portable A/C units, and hair dryers. Plus, it touts a 48V DC port  when paired with the optional BLUETTI D40 DC-DCcharger,
which can convert 12V power for most RV devices.

With the same 2,048Wh of energy storage as the AC200MAX, the AC200L can power a 150W refrigerator for over 30 hours. However, it has a faster charge rate than its predecessor, the AC200P, charging in just 1.5 hours from a 2,400W AC input or 2.5 hours from 1,200W of solar power. Pair it with your solar setup, such as the MP200 or PV350 solar panels, and you can even boondock in the backcountry.