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Fastly rolls out new pricing and packages of core services

Thu, 15th Jun 2023

Fastly has announced new, simplified pricing and packages for its core services, with the aim of making it easier for companies of all sizes to try, buy, and use the powerful Fastly platform.

These packages for delivery, security, and edge computing, will make adoption of Fastly technology faster, easier and more predictable for new users, while creating a more attractive offering and experience for large existing customers looking to expand their deployments, the company states.

Ghassan Abdo, IDC Research, VP, WW Telecom, Virtualisation & CDN, says, "Today's fast-moving market demands innovation, but also greater flexibility to meet all enterprise business needs. Fastly has understood this all the way.

"Their new packages and pricing, combined with its powerful platform, enables global users to deliver the best-in-class customer experiences, wherever they are in their digital transformation today, and have the ability to scale quickly and efficiently as their businesses grow and thrive."

To simplify pricing, Fastly is adding flat-rate pricing options for customers who dont want to manage usage-based consumption. The new, predictable pricing removes the risk of surprise bills associated with events like traffic spikes, global malicious attacks, or misconfigurations, which can result in overage charges on pay-per-use plans.

Pricing is transparent, with no fine print or hidden charges. Customers have the flexibility to mix and match packages to meet their needs. The packages (Starter, Advantage and Ultimate) are designed to cover the needs of companies of all sizes. In addition, every Fastly package includes the company's technical and customer support.

Joel Wiegman, Senior Director of Software Engineering at Abercrombie & Fitch, says, "Not having to worry about bandwidth usage overages was a significant factor in our decision to choose Fastly. We value predictable pricing, even when our customer traffic surges and spikes.

"We are confident we've found a technology partner in Fastly that aligns with increased needs for developer-centric capabilities and innovation. Their modern, self-service platform will enable our engineers to better-execute Abercrombie & Fitch's aggressive digital roadmap."

Usage-based pricing will remain available for any customer who prefers it, and Fastly will continue to expand on its usage-based options.

Expanded free trial and self-service options

Additionally, Fastly has expanded its free tier to make it easier try the company's delivery, security, compute, and observability offerings with no commitment.

The number of self-service trial options have increased as well. In addition to the in-house analytics tools Domain Inspector and Origin Inspector, free trials for WebSockets and Fanout are now available.

Customers can use these tools at the edge, allowing their app to engage in bidirectional updates with very large audiences in real time. Fastly plans to add more self-service trial options across its portfolio throughout the rest of the year, the company states.

Fastly's global partner network

Fastly is leveraging its partner program to reach even more users and make the adoption of Fastly's platform easier. In addition to security, Fastly is now offering its network service portfolio for channel partners to sell to their customers, to help drive more value and provide improved service and support for businesses.      

Jeff Patton, Sr. Director of Sales, Trace3, says, "Fastly's new mix-and-match packages are a game-changer. The flexibility these offerings provide better matches the way we sell through the channel. By making it easier to sell Fastly with simpler, more predictable pricing, we can better serve our clients in todays tight economic environment."

Growth and usage milestones are baked into the new packages, and align to the customers growth, to further enable partners to guide customers on the optimal time to upgrade. The packages provide more upsell/cross-sell opportunities with easy bundling and low-risk entry points to try in an all-in-one solution.

Todd Nightingale, CEO, Fastly, says, "Fastly has always had incredibly sophisticated and innovative technology that solves the most complex challenges while putting customers first. Pricing and purchasing shouldn't be a hurdle when it comes to getting onto the platform, which is why these new simplified packages are an important next step for us."

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