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Genesys looks to humanise customer experiences with latest release

Fri, 8th Oct 2021
FYI, this story is more than a year old

Genesys has launched BeyondCX, an eLearning program designed to help contact centre employees and supervisors learn soft skills to better deliver empathetic, personalised experiences.

Introducing BeyondCX

With BeyondCX, Genesys has created an interactive learning experience to help companies address the empathy gap.

Formatted like a television show, BeyondCX is a series of episodes that uses video production, storytelling, and skills-development techniques to immerse participants in customer experience (CX).

Contact centre employees and supervisors can learn how to build trust, show empathy, and tailor the customer experience to transform traditional transactions into context-based conservations that build customer loyalty, the company states.

The first season of BeyondCX is currently available via subscription, with support for additional languages coming later this year.

A growing demand for humanised CX

A recent Genesys survey found that consumers value empathetic experiences over speedy resolutions, with 84% wanting customer service employees to listen to them, and 82% wanting them to understand their needs.

On the contrary, only close to 20% of high-performing agents in Oceania cited quality, empathy and listening as their greatest strengths.

According to Genesys, this highlights a broader trend. Traditionally, contact centre training has focused on technology enablement and product knowledge, optimising for efficiency, and effectiveness.

However, in the rush toward digital transformation, experiences have become less human. This has created an empathy skills gap as consumers want to feel heard, understood, and valued. However, many contact centre employees lack the training needed to bridge human and digital interactions, the company states.

Engaging and retaining top talent is a priority, and companies are rapidly adopting workforce engagement tools to help create a culture where contact centre employees feel valued and supported, Genesys states.

Genesys advances CX learning with WEM

To meet this demand, Genesys has also invested into its Cloud CX Workforce Engagement Management (WEM) offering to provide resources, skills and tools to digital natives. According to the company, this includes:

A personalised development hub: To give employees single-click access to what they need to understand and improve their performance, develop in their careers, share feedback, and celebrate accomplishments.

Gamified performance dashboards: That provides consolidated insights and actionable recommendations to evaluate and improve performance in real-time, while giving employees a more engaging experience.

Simple onboarding: That allows access to pre-loaded products and experience training, ensuring employees know how to use their customer experience platform.

Embedded development modules: To deliver essential information and learning throughout the employee development journey. This includes tailored plans to improve employees skills and performance levels, and the ability for managers to assign modules manually to individual employees or automatically to teams based on rules.

Knowledge assessments: Ensuring employees are equipped by measuring how well they have mastered training and learning content.

Coaching: Enabling managers to identify, assign and organise training sessions through a coaching package with AI-enabled scheduling. Strategic coaching sessions help employees improve performance and service quality, Genesys states.

Genesys executive vice president and general manager Workforce Engagement Management, Merijn te Booij, says, “Today's workforce is drastically different than it was even three years ago.

:Businesses are in fierce competition for talent, and contact centres need to double down on their efforts to retain employees.

"With Genesys BeyondCX and the latest WEM innovations, businesses can create engagement and development experiences employees want and delivered in a familiar way that fosters a sense of community, enjoyment and professional growth.

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