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Genetec enhances transit security with video retrieval advance

Genetec Inc., a leading technology provider of unified security, public safety, operations, and business intelligence solutions, has declared its latest offering, Genetec Clearance, which will allow organisations in Australia and New Zealand a quicker and more efficient way of retrieving video recordings from physical security systems across transit agency sites and fleets.

Genetec Clearance enhances the digital evidence management system by enabling the remote retrieval of video recordings. This innovation is a major step forward in speeding up investigations for transit authorities by providing a unified solution to manage evidence and simplify record sharing with internal departments and external partners.

The tech firm has achieved this by integrating Clearance with Genetec Security Center Fleet Monitoring module. Organisations can now collate all their onboard and landside data using a browser-based system. The solution will help transit security teams in Australia and New Zealand, and globally, who currently devote considerable time and resources to aid with video recording access requests for varying purposes.

Traditionally, such requests have been provided physically, incurring extra cost and delay. Genetec Clearance eradicates this costly process. Requests are now tracked centrally and securely within the Clearance platform and the agency's approval process ensures alignment with governance policies before video material is shared.

With Clearance, internal departments and external parties can now request and review recordings from station cameras and onboard systems, directly from their web browser. Onboard system exports now include vehicle telematics data, available for review alongside video uploads. This data, such as vehicle speed, brake, and turn signal activation, can be shared with attorneys and other authorised parties, which can boost scene assessment and extend event analysis.

Erick Ceresato, Product Group Director at Genetec Inc. stated: "Transit security teams have the complex duty of managing highly distributed operations to ensure the safety of commuters and transit employees day in and day out. By automating the steps involved to fulfil video requests, and reducing the time it takes to deliver video evidence to reviewers, Genetec solutions free up security teams to focus on mission-critical activities."

Ceresato added that "Having a unified security environment across stations and vehicle fleets opens the door to this kind of efficiency and removes bottlenecks that have traditionally impeded access to this data." This efficiency upgrade, the Genetec Clearance integration with the Fleet Monitoring module, is anticipated to be available globally from October 2023.

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