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GitHub Universe: company unveils new enterprise products
Thu, 10th Nov 2022
FYI, this story is more than a year old

GitHub has announced a range of new products designed to accelerate the company's push into major enterprises at its San Francisco event.

June saw the release of GitHub Copilot for all individuals. The company has now announced that Copilot is soon to be available to enterprise customers, enabling developer teams of any size to benefit from faster, more productive developer experiences.

In addition to new products, GitHub also showcased an experiment with voice UI that could make Copilot accessible to an entirely new group of developers.

The company is trying out voice-based interaction through a feature called "Hey GitHub", intending to make Copilot accessible to developers who may not be able to use a keyboard every day.

One of the new updates is that Codespaces will become generally available for individuals, allowing anyone interested in software development to begin building instantly.

Marking the most significant redesign since 2015, GitHub has announced code search and code view, two new features that will allow developers to transform the way they move around on GitHub.

These updates include:

  • A new search engine capable of accessing the world's code in less than a second
  • A new search interface
  • Queries that can filter results and have tangible suggestions completions
  • A redesigned code view that integrates search browsing and code navigation

Further to these upgrades, GitHub has implemented various new security features across its platform, including:

Private vulnerability reporting (public beta)

Noting that vulnerabilities are often reported to maintainers through inconsistent and, at times, unsafe channels, such as public Issues, Twitter, and "security@" inboxes, GitHub says this public disclosure offers no time to fix the problem before bad actors hear about it.

Private vulnerability reporting offers researchers a new way to disclose vulnerabilities in open source repositories responsibly.

Once reported, maintainers can work together to remediate and push a CVE, all within the GitHub platform.

Ruby support for CodeQL (GA)

An offering previously available in Beta, all users can now quickly identify and fix vulnerabilities in their Ruby codebases without interrupting their workflows.

CodeQL's latest improvements include extended coverage for Ruby vulnerabilities, double the amount of default queries as well as faster and more accurate scanning.

Security overview – coverage and risk (public beta)

GitHub has also added two new views to its security overview functionality, providing more visibility and insights to business users and risk mapping of their entire application environment.

These views afford users the ability to understand what areas need to be remediated most urgently.