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GoNetZero unveils 'René': an AI innovation for simplified energy data access
Tue, 12th Dec 2023

GoNetZero has announced the release of a ground-breaking innovation, the Renewable Energy Navigator Explorer or 'René' for short. A conversational artificial intelligence, René is set to revolutionise how businesses access and process energy data, providing real-time, simplified energy insights through simple text message queries.

With the aim of spurring decision-making processes, René translates complex energy data sets into easy-to-understand findings. By asking René questions such as, 'What is my current energy consumption?', 'How much can I earn from this rooftop solar installation in one year?' or 'What are my projected energy costs for the next year?', users can glean insights to inform significant business decisions. These may include optimising the performance of energy assets like solar photovoltaic systems or deciding whether to invest in renewable energy projects.

According to GoNetZero, this interactive solution proactively assists corporations by providing a clear overview of their energy assets across all operations anywhere, anytime. These implications are particularly relevant for businesses on a global scale with the prospect of monitoring and managing renewable energy assets located in various parts of the world.

GoNetZero is a global decarbonisation platform providing comprehensive solutions to help clients achieve their net zero goals. The company helps customers achieve their goals through GoNetZeroConnect, its suite of solutions that supports emissions measurement, abatement, offsetting and reporting. 

Moreover, its proprietary smart energy asset management platform, NetZeroOS, empowers energy producers to manage, optimise and scale their energy assets across wind, solar, battery, water, hydrogen and thermal.  

René's creation was impelled by a recent GoNetZero survey conducted among Asia-based corporations. The research revealed a significant lack of understanding regarding decarbonisation strategies, with this knowledge gap identified as a primary challenge in pursuing net-zero ambitions.

Furthermore, 42% of respondents faced difficulties securing budget approvals for decarbonisation initiatives, largely due to uncertainty around the commercial returns of their renewable energy investments. René aims to rectify this uncertainty by equipping corporations with the actionable information required to make these key business decisions.

According to Soon Sze Meng, CEO of GoNetZero, the introduction of René represents a major advancement in the management and accessibility of energy data. This innovation is set to revolutionise discussions and considerations related to renewable energy by providing more insightful information. Soon Sze Meng emphasised GoNetZero's dedication to closing the gap between businesses' intentions and actions in achieving net-zero goals.

Soon Sze Meng believes René's cutting-edge technology is anticipated to be a crucial tool, empowering businesses to make well-informed decisions as they progress on their path towards achieving net-zero status.

Soon Sze Meng said, "René marks a significant leap in the way we manage and access energy data, paving the way for more informed discussions and considerations in the push for renewable energy."

"GoNetZero is committed to bridging the gap between businesses' action and aspiration towards net-zero. We believe René will play a crucial role in enabling businesses to make informed decisions and scale their efforts towards net zero."