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groundcover integrates with Amazon EKS for cost-effective cloud observability
Thu, 30th Nov 2023

Cloud-native solutions provider, groundcover, has announced its innovative observability platform for Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (Amazon EKS) environments, with native integration into the Amazon EKS console.

This development allows organisations using Amazon EKS to install groundcover on their managed Kubernetes clusters immediately, as an Amazon EKS add-on overseen by Amazon Web Services (AWS).

The groundcover add-on for Amazon EKS operates seamlessly with Amazon EKS clusters, simplifying the process required to secure and stabilise clusters, while simultaneously reducing the hands-on work associated with installation, configuration, and updates.

This launch is an extension of groundcover's support for cloud environments and continues to advance its mission to reinvent observability. Through groundcover's exclusive eBPF sensor, companies are transforming the ways in which they monitor their cloud-native environments, lowering cost barriers and minimising resource drainage.

Furthermore, groundcover is now available in AWS Marketplace, providing millions of active AWS users with easy installation and use of groundcover directly from the AWS Marketplace. This contributes additional reassurance of the quality and stability of the groundcover platform, in line with the high standards of AWS.

As applications scale up and interdependencies increase, gaining detailed insights becomes critical for efficient troubleshooting. Kubernetes users are presented with the overwhelming task of instrumenting applications, collecting metrics, and producing actionable logs to identify issues, the company states. This becomes even more challenging in modern microservices environments.

As the demand for Kubernetes observability grows, eBPF is becoming a revolutionary technology, redefining how applications are monitored in Amazon EKS clusters. groundcover's use of this technology offers comprehensive application performance monitoring, without disrupting existing application code.

groundcover uses eBPF to create a full-stack observability platform that delivers immediate value without compromising on scale, granularity, or cost. Its proprietary eBPF sensor has been designed with a performance-first mindset, harnessing kernel resources to create a cost-efficient architecture for Amazon EKS observability.

By gathering all observability data using eBPF, groundcover eliminates the need for intrusive code alterations and the deployment of multiple external agents. This streamlined process enhances the depth of observability and removes the unexpected impacts of the observability stack on time-critical application code.

Consequently, this results in instant, highly specific visibility into the operation of an Amazon EKS Kubernetes cluster, creating a cost-effective approach to observability.

Shahar Azulay, CEO and Co-Founder of groundcover, states, "groundcover is proud to empower Amazon EKS users with enhanced insights into their applications and infrastructure using eBPF."

"groundcover breaks the visibility-cost trade-off, ensuring teams don't have to compromise on visibility depth to manage budgets responsibly. We've made it our mission, and now with AWS on our side, to allow teams to get the most out of their observability at a fraction of the existing cost in the market today."

Avital Tamir, Lemonade's DevOps Lead, comments, "Every once in a while, there comes a tool that turns what used to be months of labour into a single line of code. groundcover is a revolution in observability."

"The team delivers on the promise of eBPF like never before. Their cutting-edge tech and attitude enables us to reinvent Lemonade’s monitoring solution, making it future-proof and setting the foundation for massive scale."