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Hostopia Australia experiences significant growth with AWS

Hostopia Australia has experienced a 19% growth in Q3 for its AWS managed cloud customers, according to a statement from the company.

The growth was due to Hostopia Australia’s significant investments in expanding its AWS certifications and capabilities.

In addition, the company announced its managed cloud division Anchor has also become an Amazon EC2 for Windows Service Delivery Program partner.

This reflects the group’s experience and understanding of AWS, and as a trusted APN Consulting Partner with proven success delivering AWS services, the company states.

According to Hostopia Australia, the growth was also driven by the COVID-19 pandemic, which is pushing many Australian organisations to transform.

Businesses are looking to drive more efficiencies and cost savings, as well as rethink and modernise their infrastructure, the company states.

Hostopia Australia general manager Darryn McCoskery says, “COVID-19 has had a clear impact on our customers from an economic perspective, as well as customer experience expectations.

"As a result we see more organisations - in particular SMBs - rethinking their data centres and cloud technologies. Customers come to Hostopia to help them build more efficiencies within their environments, which is often critical to their resilience in the face of the pandemic.”

McCoskery says, “In the past quarter we’ve seen a significant increase in our managed cloud customer base, and a growing demand from Australian organisations looking to modernise their windows workloads with AWS as their preferred platform.

"This is why we are heavily investing in our AWS partnership and are, more than ever, committed to expanding our AWS capabilities and expertise in Q4 and beyond.”

The company has recently helped Sydney-based aviation expert Touchpoint Global optimise its AWS infrastructure and build resilience.

Touchpoint Global provides logistics software to the aviation industry and took the challenge of the COVID-19 pandemic as an opportunity to fine tune their operational efficiencies.

It engaged Anchor to consolidate its AWS accounts in order to reduce the company's cost footprint across the AWS environment, particularly for its Windows workloads.

During this re-architecture, Anchor supported Touchpoint to maintain robust security capabilities and compliance with the global aviation's growing regulatory requirements, as the industry looks to return to business-as-usual.

Specific features included an environment where Europe and APAC regions could remain separate for regulatory compliance purposes, including GDPR, while facilitating secure communication between regions. A flow on benefit was the streamlining of Touchpoints AWS account management.

Touchpoint Global founder and CEO Angus Keech says, “As the pandemic hit the aviation industry, we worked with the team at Anchor to help improve efficiencies and significantly reduce costs, as well as create additional scalability to support our operations.

"Optimising and further securing our AWS environment continues to help us navigate those troubled times. It also means that we are well placed to seamlessly return to a 'new normal' and continue to comply with the tight regulatory landscape once the aviation industry rebounds."

Hostopia states it plans to continue investing in its AWS capabilities and expertise so it can support more organisations in the modernisation and optimisation of their AWS infrastructure.

In 2020, more than 35% of Hostopia Australia's staff have gained AWS certifications.

McCoskery says, “The growth we’ve seen in the past few months is expected to continue in Q4 and into 2021. This is why we will focus our efforts and investments into building an ecosystem of best-of-breed technology around our customers, and offer them agile solutions no matter their unique challenges."

“We see fantastic growth opportunities within the AWS ecosystem. Our Anchor managed cloud brand and AWS capabilities will be instrumental in supporting this growth next year and in helping more A/NZ businesses navigate their unique cloud journeys and build resilience in the face of COVID-19," he says.

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