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How YouAppi aims to enable effective detection of fraudulent traffic

09 Jul 2019

YouAppi announced that it has received a certificate of patent for its App-Scanner system under the title of invention: System and method for monitoring electronic content.

Among other things, the App-Scanner enables YouAppi to monitor the flow of control messages during the ad serving process and detect, and then prevent, a wide range of fraud cases.

YouAppi's App-Scanner system monitors and analyzes communications to and from a smartphone, enabling an automatic emulation of the user experience for exercising a range of tests for quick detection and prevention of fraudulent activities.

All the emulated actions along with the responses of the entire app environment are recorded and analyzed by the App-Scanner for automated detection of abnormal behaviour, backed by recorded proof. 

The App-Scanner's features include, but are not limited to, the ability to detect "click and view" messages that were sent from an app without any actual view by a user or without any click action performed by the user (detecting fraudulent view report or auto-click fraud or click insertion fraud), groups of click messages that were sent from a smartphone (detecting click spamming fraud), as well as analyze redirection URL messages for detection of re-brokering action and the re-brokered entity.

"After many years working hard to improve the mobile ecosystem, we are very proud to be granted this patent," said YouAppi CEO Moshe Vaknin

"We continuously invest our technology and innovation know-how to build smart and efficient solutions to fight fraudulent traffic in the digital advertising environment.”

“The recently certified patent of our App-Scanner system proves once again the ability of YouAppi to build innovative solutions for supporting our customers' return on their advertising investments."

YouAppi is a leading marketing platform for premium mobile brands in Europe, North America, and Asia.

It is the first one to bring the full-service solution and insights to advertisers and publishers, by merging brand and performance advertisement for a holistic approach.

YouAppi aims to allow brands to make real-time adjustments and optimise marketing efforts in order to reach customers at any point in the funnel.

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