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HPE announces the next generation of HPE Nimble Storage platform

By Jacques-Pierre (JP) Dumas, Tue 8 May 2018
FYI, this story is more than a year old

Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) announced the next generation of the HPE Nimble Storage platform. 

Backed by an HPE guarantee to deliver the best storage efficiency of any All-Flash array, the new storage platform is designed to take advantage of Storage Class Memory (SCM) and NVMe, protecting customer investments over the long term. 

The new HPE Nimble Storage All-Flash Arrays also offer customers a financial advantage by delivering up to 3x improvement in price-performance.

When customers consider All-Flash storage, capacity efficiency is essential because it drives down total cost of ownership (TCO) and improves affordability. 

The HPE Store More Guarantee assures that customers will store more data per raw terabyte of storage than any other vendor’s All-Flash array. 

Customers can now have peace of mind knowing they will get the most capacity-efficient All-Flash array on the market. 

If HPE is not able to meet the storage efficiency of an All-Flash competitor, HPE will accommodate the incremental storage for free.

As performance demands of real-time analytics applications continue to increase, so does the need for low-latency storage. 

The new HPE Nimble Storage arrays are designed to support NVMe & SCM and address the needs of web analytics, business intelligence, real-time trading, and other applications that require instant results. 

The new HPE Nimble Storage arrays are future proofed as customers can seamlessly take advantage of these emerging technologies without forklift upgrades.

HPE recently previewed SCM on the HPE 3PAR StoreServ architecture. 

With today’s news, HPE storage customers across both the HPE 3PAR and HPE Nimble Storage portfolios now have access to architectures built for the future, providing timeless value and investment protection. 

SCM delivers up to 10x lower latency compared to NAND flash technology.

The new HPE Nimble Storage Adaptive Flash arrays are supposedly truly adaptive, merging hybrid and secondary flash technology into a single array. 

The arrays now support inline variable deduplication, making them the most efficient hybrid arrays in the industry by a wide margin. 

The Adaptive Flash array is a Hybrid Flash array for mixed, primary workloads where cost-efficient flash performance is important.

It works as a Secondary Flash array for backup and disaster recovery while also allowing customers to run meaningful workloads like quality assurance, test-dev and reporting. 

The arrays deliver all-flash like performance with up to 150% greater price-performance than previous arrays.

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