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Infoblox introduces SOC Insights AI-driven security operation in ANZ
Fri, 16th Feb 2024

Infoblox revealed the introduction of an industry-first Artificial Intelligence (AI)-driven security operation, SOC Insights, to the Australia and New Zealand (ANZ) market. The AI-powered SOC Insights enhances Infoblox's DNS Detection and Response solution, BloxOne Threat Defence, providing SecOps teams in A/NZ with a crucial advantage in managing and acting upon essential security, network, and DNS intelligence data in real-time.

The innovative system promises to accelerate the process of identifying and acting upon immediate threats significantly. It sifts through volumes of security events, ecosystem data, and unique DNS intelligence at AI speed, transforming them into manageable, actionable insights. SOC Insights goes beyond basic malware risk dashboards, providing cybersecurity teams the opportunity to take a proactive stance in managing threats.

Craig Sanderson, Vice President of Security and Product Management at Infoblox, called the solution a "game-changer for SecOps, allowing them to focus on what really matters, especially when they’re up against limited budget and resources.” He added, “At Infoblox, we envision a future where AI-driven analytics and DNS-driven intelligence dramatically elevate SecOps efficiency, with SOC Insights setting the industry standard.”

Infoblox's SOC Insights comes at a vital time as A/NZ grapples with a severe cyber security skills shortage. The need for nearly 17,000 professionals by 2026 is expected to escalate the risk and exposure to increasingly complex and sophisticated attacks. Scott Morris, Managing Director Australia and New Zealand at Infoblox, warns that the issue “can’t be solved by getting more people into the industry alone.”

He added, “SOC Insights delivers AI-driven insights in a way the industry hasn’t seen before, aligning to the new Cyber Security Strategy’s call for ‘real-time threat sharing to facilitate automated threat-blocking capabilities’. Enhanced DNS intelligence will help under-pressure security teams block cyber-attacks before they impact people, government, or businesses by filtering, sorting, and prioritising threats for them while they focus on what really matters.”

Industry analysts have welcomed the introduction of SOC Insights. Steven Dickens, VP and Practice Leader at the Futurum Group sees this as a significant step towards intelligent SecOps. He said, "By integrating unique DNS intelligence with AI-driven analytics, SOC Insights not only streamlines SecOps workflows but also sets a new industry benchmark for proactive threat detection and response, ensuring that security teams can stay ahead of increasingly sophisticated cyber threats.”

The advanced SOC Insights also provides an advantage to Managed Security Service Providers (MSSPs) in helping their customers strengthen their security posture, optimise security investments, and streamline operations. It is set to unlock new opportunities for IT channel partners to uplift other solutions in the Infoblox Security Ecosystem. SOC Insights is now available in Australia and New Zealand.