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Informatica launches cloud-native, intelligent MDM solution

Fri, 4th Mar 2022
FYI, this story is more than a year old

Informatica has launched a cloud-native Intelligent Multi-domain Master Data Management (MDM) solution, designed to bring users trusted views of business-critical master data, across any domains and assets.

The IDC InfoBrief, sponsored by Informatica, 'Driving Business Value from Data in the Face of Fragmentation and Complexity', found that 32% of organisations were using more than 1,000 data sources and nearly 80% store more than half of their data in hybrid and multi-cloud infrastructures.

According to the company, this highlights the challenge businesses face with more data, of more types, spread across more sources.

This increasing fragmentation and complexity create barriers to success for businesses needing to create hyper-personalised customer experiences, manage complex global supply chains and innovate with their data.

IDC research director Stewart Bond says, “Digital business is a complex network of relationships and interdependencies between customer, products, partners, locations and other business entities.

"Multidomain master data management is a key enabler of analytics and operational processes across the entire value chain of business, from producer to consumer and all points in between.

With Informatica's Intelligent Multi-Domain MDM, enterprises can connect, understand and manage the relationship between multiple domains such as location, customer, product or supplier as well as assets including IoT devices or sensors, the company states.

For example, with Intelligent Multi-Domain MDM retailers are able to connect and manage domains including location, customer, product and supplier to bring together a holistic view of the customer to deliver a unique experience and follow it up with connected customer service and relevant communications.

With Multi-domain MDM, enterprises can leverage a single view of the business by bringing together all different types of master data, across multiple domains, processes and assets into the Intelligent Data Management Cloud (IDMC).

Organisations can manage all services relating to master data management from a single interview and enjoy the following key benefits:

Key benefits include the ability to grow revenue, speed deployment and a lower TCO, and the opportunity to accelerate business outcomes while also managing risk.

Grow revenue with increased adoption, productivity, and agility. Built on a cloud-native microservices architecture with user-centric design principles and AI-powered automation Multi-domain MDM offers intuitive interfaces, guided workflows and machine learning recommendations to simplify the discovery, curation and consumption of master data for analytical and operational use. This increases data democratisation across teams, enabling data stewards, analysts and analytics teams to leverage master data.

Speed deployment and reduce total cost of ownership (TCO) with a single solution. With the new Multi-domain MDM enterprises can deploy a new domain in weeks, not months. An all-in-one solution, it integrates all the data management capabilities required for the practice of master data management with pre-configured domain and industry content to simplify implementation and administration.

Powered by CLAIRE, Informatica's AI engine, it can deliver 50% increase in productivity, by automating the onboarding of master data and identifying source fields and mapping them to master data models, saving the enterprise thousands of hours.

Accelerate business outcomes and manage risk and compliance. Enterprises can drive better business outcomes with a closed-loop view of their data spanning all areas of the organisation including sales, service, marketing, billing and after-sales support. Organisations can better understand suppliers, finance elements and operational details. For large enterprises with multiple subsidiaries or those undergoing mergers, the ability to have a trusted, single view across multiple businesses and all domains helps accelerate integrations, improve compliance and reduce risk.

Informatica chief product officer Jitesh Ghai says, “Intelligent data is transforming industries, but complexity and fragmentation are creating roadblocks and stalling innovation. We're seeing some organisations simply shift the fragmented data problem to a fragmented infrastructure problem.

"Informatica's cloud-native Multi-domain MDM addresses that by connecting the dots between valuable data from domains across the business in a single, end-to-end solution, delivering the trusted, holistic view businesses need to make intelligent decisions, fast.

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