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InterSystems honoured as Challenger in Gartner's Cloud DBMS report
Tue, 9th Jan 2024

InterSystems, a provider of ground-breaking software for enterprise digital transformations, has attained the honour of being classed as a Challenger in the highly respected Gartner Magic Quadrant for Cloud Database Management Systems (DBMS). The acknowledgement is a testament to InterSystems' thoroughness of vision and their robust capacity to execute. This constitutes the third occasion in which the company has been recognised in this report.

Through the IRIS data platform, InterSystems endows customers with a comprehensive viewpoint on diverse data, ensuring better outcomes. In particular, the platform benefits clients with crucial data needs in sectors such as healthcare, financial services, and supply chain. The unique approach offered by InterSystems is called smart data fabric, and it comprises high-performance multi-workload and multi-model database management, interoperability and analytical capabilities, and smart data services.

Considered alongside 19 other vendors for managed cloud database systems, InterSystems received an evaluation from Gartner. The company firmly believes that its placement as a Challenger in the Magic Quadrant is a reflection of its capacity to pair innovation and market-provided solutions.

Gartner is a global research and advisory firm that provides insights, analysis, and advice to help businesses make informed decisions in the realms of technology, IT, and various other industries. Magic Quadrant reports are a result of exacting and evidence-based conduct. The reports offer an extensive view of the relative positions of providers in those spheres where growth is accelerated and differentiation among providers is clear. The providers are positioned into one of four quadrants: Challengers, Leaders, Visionaries or Niche Players.

The Gartner Magic Quadrant is widely used by businesses as a reference when evaluating and selecting technology solutions and services. It provides a snapshot of the competitive landscape within a specific market and helps organisations understand the strengths and weaknesses of various vendors.

Scott Gnau, InterSystems' Head of Data Platforms, expressed satisfaction with their Challenger placement in the Gartner Magic Quadrant, emphasising that it validates their dedication to innovation and delivering value to customers. He highlighted InterSystems' success in pushing the boundaries of cloud database management, helping organisations seamlessly integrate, process, and analyse their data in the cloud.

Scott Gnau stated, "The Challenger placement validates our commitment to innovation and focus on delivering value to our customers."

Scott Gnau continued, "InterSystems inclusion as the sole Challenger in the Gartner Magic Quadrant showcases our success in pushing the limits of cloud database management and aiding organisations in integrating, processing, and analysing their data in the cloud."

Founded in 1978, InterSystems is renowned for next-generation solutions for enterprise digital transformations in the healthcare, finance, manufacturing, and supply chain industries. Organisations across the globe make use of its cloud-first data platforms to tackle challenges related to interoperability, speed and scalability.