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Juniper Networks releases lineup of AI-driven solutions

Juniper Networks has announced new solutions that bring more end-to-end AI-driven automation, insights and actions to market.

Under two months after closing the acquisition of 128 Technology, Juniper has added WAN Assurance and the Marvis Virtual Network Assistant (both driven by Mist AI) to the Session Smart networks portfolio, as well as enhanced the deployment and management of the SRX secure branch gateway using Mist AI.

Additionally, building on their actions in the wired/wireless access space, Juniper has added a new cloud-native EX switching platform driven by Mist AI.

By continuing to expand the Juniper campus and branch portfolio and bringing it all under a common Mist AI umbrella, Juniper brings customers fully integrated AIOps, security and troubleshooting across the WLAN, LAN and WAN.

This can lead to lower costs and optimised end-user experiences, the company states.

The latest additions to Juniper’s AI-driven enterprise include:

WAN Assurance and Marvis Virtual Network Assistant (VNA) for Session Smart SD-WAN: Ingesting telemetry data from Session Smart Routers into the Mist AI engine enables customers to set, monitor and enforce service levels across the WAN, proactively detect anomalies and gain enhanced insight into WAN conditions to assure optimal user experiences, Juniper states.

In addition, the Marvis VNA (driven by Mist AI) can troubleshoot Session Smart SD-WAN environments using natural language queries and take proactive actions to correct issues before they impact the user experience.

By adding AIOps to the already differentiated capabilities of the Session Smart SD-WAN solution, Juniper offers the most unique SD-WAN product on the market, focused on delivering the best user experiences.

Enhanced SRX operations driven by Mist AI: The SRX Series of secure branch gateways can now be onboarded and configured using Mist AI and the cloud.

With zero touch provisioning (ZTP) and automated workflows, Juniper simplifies deployment of these devices.

Additionally, Juniper customers can now perform simple branch router and secure connectivity configuration functions via the same platform as wired and wireless access, which streamlines operations, lowers costs and minimises headaches.

New EX4400 secure access switch: The latest addition to the EX Series portfolio is optimised for the cloud with best-in-class security and AIOps.

The EX4400 enables IT teams to design an EVPN-VXLAN network fabric that extends from the data centre to the campus core, distribution and access layers, coupled with security capabilities such as MACsec AES256 and standards-based micro segmentation using group-based policies (GBP).

By leveraging Mist AI, the EX4400 (like all EX access switches) simplifies set up and manage wired access networks, allowing troubleshooting for problems such as misconfigured VLANs and bad cables.

Juniper Networks VP enterprise product marketing Jeff Aaron says, “Juniper is consistently recognised for our experience-first approach to networking, where AI-driven automation, insight and actions simplify operator experiences and optimise end-user experiences from client-to-cloud.

“These latest product enhancements underscore our sustained commitment to executing on this vision, as well as our unique ability to rapidly deliver new solutions that drive real value to both customers and partners.”

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