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Keysight launches next-generation vector signal generator

Keysight Technologies has launched a next-generation vector signal generator for dense wideband multichannel applications. 

The new compact, four-channel vector signal generator (VSG) is capable of signal generation up to 8.5 GHz with 960 MHz of modulation bandwidth per channel. 

The N5186A MXG is the next-generation high-performance VSG in Keysight's X-Series signal generator portfolio, offering the multiple, individually complex signals needed for dense wideband multichannel applications.

Evolving wireless communications and radar application technologies demand higher frequency coverage using complex modulation schemes like MIMO, beamforming, and multiplexing to maximise data throughput. 

Testing these applications requires signal generation instruments that maintain excellent modulation quality when working with greater bandwidths. Network and design engineers typically need more bench space for additional test equipment and fixtures to achieve higher frequencies, greater bandwidths, and more complex modulation schemes.

The Keysight N5186A MXG addresses this challenge by simplifying complex setups with reduced external connections and up to four channels in a compact 2U form factor.

As the world's first signal generator to feature an embedded reflectometer, the N5186A MXG delivers extremely accurate signals to the device under test (DUT).

The N5186A MXG offers the benefit of a compact design, delivering multichannel capabilities in a 2U size that saves up to 75% of rack height. It also employs direct digital synthesis (DDS) digital-to-analog converter (DAC) proprietary technology for bandwidth coverage up to 960 MHz with error vector magnitude (EVM) and adjacent channel power ratio (ACPR) performance for lower signal distortion.

Testing convenience is also ensured, as it features an embedded reflectometer delivering accurate signals while enabling faster time-to-test and simplifying test setups.

Moreover, the N5186A MXG produces pure signals, enabling high-resolution radar system designs and high-throughput, next-generation communications systems, meaning exceptionally low phase noise. 

Keysight Technologies says the N5186A MXG vector signal generator is an ideal solution for various commercial and aerospace defence applications by providing consistent and repeatable results.

The MXG's custom DAC application-specific integrated circuits (ASICs) use DDS to deliver precise signals to minimise distortion and meet the evolving component and module design standards. In addition, the embedded reflectometer expedites the setup process to correct for the match of the DUT, enabling a faster time-to-test.

Joe Rickert, Vice President and General Manager of Keysight High-Frequency Measurements Centre of Excellence, says: "The groundbreaking N5186A MXG vector signal generator is a leap forward regarding the performance and simplicity it offers design and network engineers." 

"As the world's first signal generator with an embedded reflectometer, the high-performance MXG delivers powerful, precise signals." 

"In combination with PathWave Signal Generation software, the MXG is optimised to be your ideal signal generator with the outstanding performance you desire, all in one easy-to-use solution," says Rickert. 

Keysight will demonstrate the high-performance vector signal generation capabilities of the N5186A MXG at EuMW 2023, Booth #107A.

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