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LexisNexis unveils world-leading legal AI solution in Australia
Mon, 4th Mar 2024

LexisNexis, a global provider of legal information and analytics, has announced the commercial preview of Lexis+AI in Australia, propelling it to the top spot as the most extensive legal generative AI solution in the world. This forward-thinking tool is set to revolutionise the legal industry by condensing the work of sifting through 1.23 million documents into mere seconds, thus driving greater efficiencies.

This advanced generative AI solution utilises the extensive legal content repository of LexisNexis combined with bleeding-edge AI technology to streamline legal work processes. It aims to save Australian lawyers an average of 11 hours per week on tasks like research, drafting, client communications, and case summaries, thereby elevating their productivity significantly.

Lexis+AI embeds multiple high-tech features to enhance legal work processes. Its conversational search simplifies the complex and usually tiresome legal research journey, extending a search experience that caters to diverse legal questions. Enhanced summation provides a custom summary of legal documents to speed up and guide insightful analysis. Its generative document drafting guides customers through the entire legal drafting process, from generating a basic draft to letting users alter language and tone as needed. Lastly, its document upload capabilities enable users to quickly analyse, summarise, and draw out key insights from legal documents. All these innovative features are reinforced with sophisticated encryption and privacy technology to ensure optimal data security.

Greg Dickason, Managing Director at LexisNexis Asia Pacific, speaks highly of the new tool, establishing Lexis+AI as a transformative technology for Australian lawyers. He commented, "The Lexis+ AI solution is a proven first-of-its-kind tool for lawyers and will dramatically improve the speed, quality, and effectiveness of their practice and business regardless of where and how they practise law. We have taken a customer-first approach to all our innovation, research, and product development."

Emma Covacevich, Chief Executive Partner at Clayton Utz, shared her excitement for the AI solution by praising it as an important part of their own AI program. She said, "We were the first large law-firm to adopt Lexis+, and we're excited to be the first to see how Lexis+ AI will allow us to make even more effective use of legal information resources." Reflecting similar sentiments, Keren Smith, Chief Knowledge Officer at Holding Redlich, noted that LexisNexis heavily informs their innovation program. She expressed delight in seeing the benefits that Lexis+ AI has to offer.

Consistent with RELX Responsible AI Principles, LexisNexis ensures that the development of legal AI solutions is done responsibly with human oversight, considering the real-world impact of its solutions. Being part of RELX, a global provider of information-based analytics and decision tools, LexisNexis has a long-standing commitment of more than 50 years to data security and privacy in the legal industry. Its team of over 2,000 technologists, data scientists, and subject matter experts strive to provide comprehensive and accurate information by continuously developing, testing, and validating its solutions.

To help lawyers fully understand AI and its potential, LexisNexis offers the Lexis+ AI Insider program. This initiative provides free access to webinars, breaking news on the latest AI technologies, and thought leadership pieces.