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Local Melbourne business boosts customer service with online portal

By Catherine Knowles, Wed 18 May 2016
FYI, this story is more than a year old

Australian businesses are realising the power of personalised customer service via online portals that can be accessed on any device.

More recently, local Melbourne builders from Roda Developments have launched a new online login portal that allows clients to follow the progress of their development as if they’re on site.

David Maiolo, Roda developments director, says the idea came about when he realised some of his clients were travelling hundreds of kilometres to see the progress of their new home or multi-unit development. This took the builders away from their schedules and into the thick of Melbourne traffic and wasn’t time efficient, Maiolo says. Therefore, he began to consider how this could be done differently.

The system works by providing a unique personalised login at the start of construction. The portal can be accessed anytime through the homepage of the website and each fortnight is updated with progress photos and a brief description of what’s scheduled in for the coming fortnight.

The portal has a simple interface, and clients can leave questions and comments for the Roda team at any time.

After recently re-launching the website, part of the brief was integrating personalised customer service as a top priority. The website is completely mobile optimised so clients can check the progress of their project on the go from any device. 

"We understand that building your dream home or new development is a huge investment and we wanted to make our clients feel as involved as possible from concept to completion without impacting on their daily lifestyle,” Maiolo says.

Directors David Maiolo and Robert Romanella have a long history in the construction sector. They established Roda Developments in 2006 on the basis of their combined building knowledge and a shared vision of personalised customer service and quality workmanship.  

Maiolo says, “Personalised client service is at the heart of everything we do. We take the time to meet with clients and personally discuss their project from the ground up.

“By creating our own client login portal we’re simply extending the same concept into an online platform, making it more accessible for our clients to see the progress of their project at a time that suits their schedule.”

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