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Locksmith hardware, enterprise software – there’s a new collaboration in town

By Julia Gabel, Wed 12 Apr 2017
FYI, this story is more than a year old

Locksmiths’ Supply Company (LSC) will collaborate with Epicor Software Corporation by implementing the company’s enterprise software.

Australian organisation Locksmiths’ Supply Company (LSC) specialises in wholesale distribution of locksmith hardware and security products. The company was established in 1926.

To keep up with an industry moving from a mechanical environment to a digital one, LSC developed a range of hardware, software and service products and new security technology.

As the company grew in complexity and diversification, it sought a contemporary solution to manage their supply chain and distribution efforts.

LSC selected Epicor for the job. LSC will implement Epicor’s cloud deployed enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution, Epicor ERP.

Paul Newton, LSC’s project team leader, says that security is a growth industry and technological advancements are being made all the time.

He says, “our staff are used to seeing smart technology built into the products we sell, from the humble car key right up to home automation, commercial and automotive security,”

Newton continues, “in order to remain competitive and retain staff, the onus was on us as managers to provide modern software which is flexible, intuitive and instinctive rather than proprietary, complex and unwieldy.”

LSC says that as a company they sought a ERP solution that in addition to supply and distribution functionality, the solution would also reduce manual sharing of information between staff.

Newton says that they knew they needed a streamlined process in terms of supply and distribution to continue to grow. But, they wanted something specific.

“We wanted some specific functionality which Epicor offers and when we realised the potential for Epicor to become a real, strategic partner to us, the decision to change systems was obvious,” he adds.

According to Newton, with the adoption of Epicor ERP, staff will be able to complete more sophisticated demand forecasting while maintaining the integrity of the company's stock and manage LSC’s national supply chain more effectively.

“Epicor ERP offers its customers the industry-specific functionality and flexibility they need to help support their customer base and supply chain,” says Vince Randall, vice president for Australia and New Zealand, Epicor Software.

Randall comments, “LSC has grown alongside technological advancements in security and the implementation of Epicor ERP will streamline functions such as sales and order management, warehouse management, inventory optimisation and forecasting.”

“This will permit them to focus on bringing new technologies to market and training and servicing their customer base, growing even further.”  

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