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Logicalis begins roll out of new AI powered Digital Service Platform
Mon, 8th Jun 2020
FYI, this story is more than a year old

Logicalis Group has launched a new Digital Service Platform (DSP) powered by artificial intelligence (AI) to improve customer experience for managed services providers through increasing uptime and digital assurance.

The DSP includes features around business continuity, intelligent detection capabilities, automation and inter-connectivity. It will be released in a phased approach throughout June.

Logicalis states DSP ensures business continuity with early detection and remediation that prevents incidents and reduces the cost associated with outages.

It is also designed to prevent business disruption by intelligently correlating events and systems and detecting anomalies and behavioral patterns for advanced warning of system issues.

Furthermore, it brings MSPs self-healing automation and automated request fulfillment, providing targeted automation to enhance mean-time-to-resolution and request fulfillment times.

The DSP builds upon an optimised experience by automatically knowing which services to activate, which operations to perform, which priorities to set, where to route, and which service level agreement(s) to trigger, Logicalis states.

When customer contracts go live, all relevant operational functions are automatically inter-connected and activated, to ensure delivery aligns with the contract.

Finally, Logicalis states customers are supported globally by operation centres and engineers delivering services through DSP.

Logicalis Group chief customer experience officer Vince DeLuca says, “Our innovative platform will allow us to deliver fantastic, ground-breaking services that will elevate us in the world of managed services.

"With customer experience as the focal point of our investment, and many hours of research and development, DSP delivers new services powered by Artificial Intelligence Operations (AIOps).

“Using AIOps with machine learning, we can predict and prevent potential failures and, where appropriate, automatically remediate faults before they cause business disruption and downtime.

“We're very excited to start a phased release of these powerful capabilities in June of this year.

Logicalis Group CEO Robert Bailkoski says, “As architects of change, we are continuously looking at ways to develop, support and propel our customers' businesses forward.

“With the creation of our DSP platform, we are providing our managed services customers with an unrivalled solution, designed to accelerate their ability to innovate and adapt to the digital economy.

"Both early detection and prevention of downtime and system failures are key to the business continuity and success of our customers around the world.

According to data insights from TISA, AIOps, Robotic Process Automation and advanced analytics are critical capabilities for MSPs to be investing in and deploying.

TISA vice president and managing director George Humphrey states, based on data insights, MSPs that leverage these capabilities see a substantial improvement in SLA commitments, client satisfaction and reduction of risk in technical operations.

Logicalis is an international solutions provider of digital services. The company states it is focused on enabling digital transformation by bringing together technological expertise and industry insights, focusing on key IT industry drivers such as security, cloud, data management and IoT.