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LogRhythm expands Axon SIEM platform to APAC region

LogRhythm has unveiled significant advancements to its Cloud-Native SIEM Platform, LogRhythm Axon, as it expands into the APAC region. 

It is the company's sixth consecutive quarterly release and the one-year anniversary of its innovative cloud-native SaaS SIEM platform. This quarterly release introduces significant enhancements and expansion to Axon and the full suite of LogRhythm solutions, underscoring the company's commitment to continuous innovation in the global cybersecurity landscape.

Chris O'Malley, CEO of LogRhythm, says: "In a dynamic and ever-evolving cybersecurity landscape, LogRhythm is obsessed with delivering value our customers care about."

"As we celebrate the one-year anniversary of Axon's launch, customer satisfaction is our first priority, guiding every decision we make."

"We believe that by driving continuous improvements in innovation delivery rooted in well-understood customer needs, we can empower our product users to navigate the complex world of cybersecurity with confidence and efficiency," says O'Malley.  

LogRhythm's latest Axon release rounds out the ability to seamlessly detect, investigate, and respond to potential threats within a security operations centre. With the foundation of incident response, security teams can now leverage Axon to automate team workflows through case management. 

Case management enables analysts to automatically create cases that will allow investigative workflows to track responses to threats, thus mitigating duplication of efforts and optimising threat mitigation strategies. In addition, Axon's new Signal Replay feature enables SOC teams to test analytics rules to ensure detections are optimised for their environment.

Continuing the effort to advance SOC efficiency, LogRhythm SIEM now provides seamless integration of log source onboarding through centralised management. 

This enhanced SIEM capability eliminates the need for administrators to navigate several servers and UIs to complete onboarding, streamlining workflows through a single interface, increasing productivity, and reducing the administrative process in half.

LogRhythm continues to address the industry-wide skills gap by providing features that enhance the productivity and onboarding processes for security analysts. The new in-product resource centres for LogRhythm SIEM and LogRhythm Axon equip security teams with the tools to understand how to utilise the platforms best and realise a faster time to value. 

This comprehensive resource hub provides quick access to tutorials, documentation, release information, and the LogRhythm Community for support from the security community. 

LogRhythm has also announced the successful expansion of its LogRhythm Axon SIEM platform to the APAC region. With a new instance in Australia, LogRhythm Axon's cloud-native SIEM will provide customers with a flexible solution to strengthen security operations and ensure comprehensive protection. 

In partnership with Seamless Intelligence, LogRhythm's partner of the year in Australia, a managed services layer will also be available for LogRhythm Axon customers. 

Chris Bolan, Managing Director of Seamless Intelligence, says: "LogRhythm Axon significantly advances what customers can and should expect from a cloud-native SaaS SIEM platform. We've been impressed with its platform design and architecture, as well as the continuous pace of innovation."

"Our Axon managed services are being developed to take advantage of the platform's capabilities and to provide our clients with the world-class cybersecurity solution and services needed to keep their organisations safe." 

In addition to LogRhythm's commitment to innovation and cybersecurity solutions, Novacoast has also emerged as the first Axon services provider for LogRhythm's customer base. Novacoast's expertise in delivering innovative cybersecurity services adds a new layer of value to the already impressive suite of LogRhythm Axon capabilities.  

Jonathan Poon, CISO at Novacoast, says: "This strategic partnership reflects the platform's efficacy and flexibility in enhancing security programs across diverse environments."

"As LogRhythm continues to adapt its Axon offerings to address customer requirements, we are proud to be part of this evolution, propelling the cybersecurity landscape forward." 

"Together, we are addressing industry needs and setting the standard for security services," says Poon. 

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