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Lumens integrates Sennheiser microphone for dynamic hybrid meetings
Fri, 12th Jan 2024

Global tech company Lumens has elected to use the Sennheiser TeamConnect Ceiling Medium (TCC M), a ceiling microphone designed for medium-sized meeting spaces.

Combined with Lumens CamConnect Pro and PTZ cameras, the microphone enables automatic tracking of the active speaker in virtual hybrid meetings, the company states.

A notable development within the field of advanced audio technology, Sennheiser's TCC M microphone has been incorporated into the Lumens CamConnect Pro Solution Voice-Tracking Camera System.

This seamless integration leverages TCC M's beamforming technology, enabling the Lumens PTZ cameras to actively track the speaker and create a more dynamic hybrid meeting experience.

Alongside Sennheiser's TeamConnect Ceiling 2, TCC M serves as a ceiling microphone option for Lumens CamConnect users. Sennheiser's microphone works in tandem with Lumens voice-tracking CamConnect Processor, AI-Box1, which receives real-time sound azimuth data.

The integration allows the Lumens PTZ cameras to immediately add voice-tracking functionality to conferencing cameras and switch camera focus between different speakers automatically.

The solution, resulting from a Sennheiser and Lumens partnership, is an excellent fit for meeting spaces, classrooms and lecture halls, as cameras effectively transform a static presentation into a dynamic televisual experience. According to the companies, the entire process is automated and offers significant operational cost savings.

"We are thrilled to be developing our relationship with Sennheiser," said Steven Liang, Head of Product Development at Lumens Digital Optics Inc. "Their TCC M ceiling microphone integrates elegantly with CamConnect Pro to give our mutual customers an amazing hybrid meeting experience."

This integration of state-of-the-art technologies notably enhances remote delegate engagement and fosters an impressive level of multi-site interaction. The CamConnect Pro solution supports multi-room, multi-microphone, and multi-camera installations and seamlessly integrates with all leading UC platforms.

"We are excited to be building upon our partnership with Lumens by contributing to an AV solution that elevates collaboration in midsize conference rooms and educational spaces," said Charlie Jones, Global Alliance & Partnership Manager at Sennheiser.

"Our TCC M not only provides beamforming positional data for Lumens PTZ cameras, but it also delivers incredibly clear audio to ensure everyone, both in the room and remote, can be heard and understood."

The TCC M microphone also provides impressive coverage, as with an area of up to 40m. It offers all the well-known benefits of the TeamConnect Ceiling Solutions, such as Sennheiser’s reputable audio quality, efficient setup, flexible integration and straightforward management and control.

Adding to its appeal, the round design of the device and discreet mounting options allow for cabling-free tables and adaptable furniture arrangements, according to the company.