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MEF launches new certification pilot for inter-provider service automation
Tue, 25th Jun 2019
FYI, this story is more than a year old

MEF announced two major developments related to MEF 3.0 LSO Sonata APIs. MEF launched the pilot MEF 3.0 LSO Sonata certification program for inter-provider service automation, with an initial focus on automating ordering of MEF 3.0 Carrier Ethernet Access E-Line services.

Simultaneously, MEF introduced LSO Sonata SDK (Software Development Kit) Release 3 with APIs for inter-provider serviceability, product inventory, quoting, and ordering. Together, these important steps will accelerate the implementation of standardised LSO Sonata APIs worldwide, driving frictionless inter-provider business processes and faster service delivery across the service provider community.

“Certified MEF 3.0 LSO Sonata APIs will be the critical enabler for orchestrating MEF 3.0 services – starting with Carrier Ethernet and extending to SD-WAN, Optical Transport, and IP – across a global federation of automated networks,” said MEF CTO Pascal Menezes.

“More than 50 service providers around the world have voiced support for the development and adoption of LSO Sonata APIs to realise time-to-revenue and profit goals. We expect a core group will participate in the pilot certification program, leading the industry shift from manual inter-provider processes to dynamic service automation.

LSO Sonata Standardisation

LSO Sonata API standardisation is part of a comprehensive MEF 3.0 effort to standardize multiple sets of LSO APIs enabling service automation across providers and over multiple network technology domains. LSO Sonata APIs relate to the interface reference point within the LSO Reference Architecture that supports business-to-business interactions between service providers.

LSO Sonata APIs combine service-agnostic TM Forum Open APIs with MEF 3.0 service definitions. The collaboration effectively secures a service provider's investment in both MEF and TM Forum while delivering an accelerated time-to-market and time-to-revenue. The full suite of planned LSO Sonata APIs deals with serviceability, product inventory, quoting, ordering, trouble ticketing, contracts, and billing.

MEF 3.0 LSO Sonata Certification

MEF 3.0 LSO Sonata certification enables buyers and sellers of wholesale MEF 3.0 services to validate that the full suite of their APIs used for inter-provider business transactions comply with MEF standards.

The certification program will help companies develop, test, and certify all LSO Sonata APIs as they are released. This new certification builds upon the widely recognised MEF certification program that has delivered hundreds of certifications to Carrier Ethernet service and technology providers and fueled the creation of today's $80+ billion global CE market.