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Microsoft NZ's OCP lead sets sights on new Australia role

01 May 2020

Microsoft New Zealand’s One Commercial Partner director is jumping across the ditch to take on a new role as digital sales director at Microsoft Australia. Bowden will start her new role on 1 June, 2020.

Sarah Bowden has been with Microsoft’s New Zealand business for 10 years, working her way up from an account manager position to become the leader of the One Commercial Partner business in 2019.

In her director role, she supported more than 2,500 technology companies in all corners of New Zealand to develop and sell new innovations in both local and international markets while growing Microsoft’s own services and platforms.

Bowden says she’s proud of Kiwi businesses who are using technology in ways she could never have dreamed of. Helping those companies to achieve their goals has been the most exciting part of her role. 

“There’s so much talent packed in this small country, and although I’m going across the ditch to be nearer family, I’ll always be a proud New Zealander,” she says.

“However, digital sales is an area of our business I’m really interested in and it will continue to grow and become a fundamental engine for Microsoft as we transition to new ways of selling and connecting with our customers. I’m looking forward to working in such an exciting space, developing new relationships and expanding my network.”

Microsoft New Zealand general manager Vanessa Sorenson adds that Bowden has had a significant impact on the company during those 10 years.

“Throughout her career with Microsoft, Sarah’s shown limitless energy, leadership and support to our customers and partners, as well as our team. Just in the past five years, she’s helped so many small and medium businesses transform into digital organisations and see major growth, as well as becoming a champion of local innovation,” says Sorenson.

“Sarah’s always impressed me with how willing she is to take on new challenges, and this is another example. We’re very sorry to see her go, but wish her all the best in Australia.”

Microsoft is looking to recruit a new person to take on the One Commercial Partner & Small, Medium & Corporate Business director position. Applications close on 15 May.

Responsibilities will include partner strategy, team leadership, and business orchestration.

“The OCP & SMC Director represents Microsoft to the channel, communicates our strategy, sells our vision and brings partners along in the digital transformation journey, making our solutions open and accessible for everyone,” the advertisement states.

“You’ll be accountable for the partner engagement strategy across recruitment, enablement and growth through Build-With, Go to Market and Sell-with activities to enable every NZ business to achieve more, and supporting Microsoft New Zealand to achieve its growth aspirations and scorecard metrics.”

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