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Motorola promises $10m in funding to charities around the world

The Motorola Solutions Foundation, the charitable body of Motorola Solutions, has announced that it has awarded more than US$10 million in funding to more than 250 charitable organisations around the world.

According to a statement, the grants will benefit more than two million students, first responders, teachers, veterans and community members in 32 countries.

The overall focus of the funding is on organisations that provide education in technology, engineering and public safety, according to the company.

Motorola Solutions Foundation executive direction Monica Mueller says, “The Foundation is committed to supporting both today’s and tomorrow’s engineers and first responders.

“We are proud to partner with organisations across the globe that work to create safer cities and promote innovative technology education for students.”

Since 1995, the Motorola Solutions Foundation has awarded nearly US$300 million in grants, the company says. This year’s grants were awarded based on input from more than 400 Motorola Solutions employees worldwide who volunteered to be grant reviewers.

Examples of 2019 grant recipients include:


The Graham (Polly) Farmer Foundation Inc.: Offers a variety of academic enrichment programmes for indigenous students across Australia pursuing degrees in engineering and technology.

Passerelles Numriques: Provides education as well as technical and professional training in the digital sector to underprivileged youth.

University College London: Teaches students and staff about the physical vulnerability of school buildings against earthquakes, floods and typhoons through a program focused on the safety of community and school facilities.

North America

MATE Inspiration for Innovation: Inspires students to learn and creatively apply technology and engineering skills to solve real-world problems through underwater robot challenges and competitions.

Canadian Association of Fire Chiefs: Provides mental health resilience and awareness training for firefighters in Newfoundland, Labrador and the Northwest Territories.

National Association of Women Law Enforcement Executives: Provides a mentoring programme to support women entering the law enforcement field and those who are progressing through their careers.

As the charitable and philanthropic arm of Motorola Solutions, the company has employees located around the globe and ultimately seeks to benefit the communities where it operates.

The Foundation works to make strategic grants, forge strong community partnerships and foster innovation, according to the company. The funding is focused on on public safety, disaster relief, employee programs and education, especially in technology and engineering.

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