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NetApp rolls out new capabilities to boost users' Gen AI projects
Wed, 6th Mar 2024

NetApp has unrolled new capabilities set to amplify the potential of generative artificial intelligence (Gen AI) projects for users. Undertaken in collaboration with NVIDIA, this initiative empowers customers to take their AI projects to new heights. NetApp’s intelligent data infrastructure, when combined with NVIDIA's high-performance computer networking and software, offers customers competitive advantages.

With Gen AI's ability to automate laborious processes, uncover new insights, and propel product innovation, businesses worldwide have shown a keen interest. A NetApp 2023 Data Complexity report indicated that almost three-quarters of companies are already employing Gen AI. For these businesses to unleash the full potential of Gen AI, they require high-performance and secure access to data blossoming in complex hybrid and multi-cloud arenas. NetApp navigates these needs, backed by a rich history of aiding AI projects with solutions that simplify management, provide high performance without needing new infrastructural silos, and deliver secure, trustworthy data for responsible AI.

Arunkumar Gururajan, Vice President of Data Science & Research at NetApp, asserted, "Our unique approach to AI offers customers comprehensive control and access to their data throughout the data pipeline, transitioning effortlessly between their public cloud and on-premises spaces. Tiering object storage for each AI process stage helps our customers optimise both their performance and the associated costs. Our unified approach equips customers with the performance, productivity, and protection they require to innovate quickly with AI."

Gen AI has had significant value in improving operations and strategic decision-making across different companies. Recognising this, NetApp has released advancements to its intelligent data infrastructure capabilities. These updates include; the introduction of NetApp AIPod, an AI-optimised converged infrastructure tailored for organisations' paramount AI projects, and new FlexPod reference architectures for AI to extend the leading converged infrastructure solution from NetApp and Cisco. NetApp has also been validated for NVIDIA OVX systems; an integration aimed to streamline enterprise AI deployments.

The enthusiasm for AI-utilisation in Australia and New Zealand is fervent. However, the potential success of AI is contingent on data quality. Wojtek Malewski, Director of Solutions Engineering at NetApp Australia & New Zealand, stated, "We’d like to see organisations deriving a better return on investment from AI by ensuring their underlying IT and business infrastructures are properly equipped to manage data pipelines."

In a ground-breaking move, NetApp also introduces new cyber-resilience capabilities, one of the pioneering uses of AI/ML embedded in storage designed to combat ransomware. The new Autonomous Ransomware Protection with AI (ARP/AI) will offer the next generation of machine learning in ONTAP; a necessary evolution in order to identify and mitigate new, more sophisticated security threats.

Senior Director of AI Systems at NVIDIA, Tony Paikeday elucidated, “NetApp AIPod certified for NVIDIA DGX BasePOD provides an effective reference architecture that assists enterprises in eliminating design complexity, reducing time frames for deployment, and simplifying continuous operations."

Archana Venkatraman, Research Director, Cloud Data Management, IDC, expressed, “GenAI has extensive potential to assist organisations in harnessing their data to reveal business insights and improve operational efficiency. NetApp has continuously evolved to deliver the services and solutions customers need to effectively manage their data pipelines. These updates further exemplify NetApp's adaptability to bring innovations to customers that unlock the complete potential of AI."

Superior innovation and unification of approach, removing data silos, guarantee data protection, and boost performance for their AI turnkey solutions are perceived as cornerstones of NetApp's commitment. This implementation can accelerate the realisation of customer AI projects.