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Neural Technologies supports 5G network transformation with key partners

By Catherine Knowles, Fri 5 Feb 2021

Neural Technologies is working with a series of partners to offer an enhanced Optimus Platform to support the highly anticipated 5G network digital transformation.

Notable partnerships include Aerospike, Tangent Works, Imply Druid and Confluent.


As customers demand quick customer service and real-time connectivity, low latency data processing is essential, Neural Technologies states.

The Aerospike Key-Value store enables Optimus data portal to fulfil customer service requests faster and with greater reliability, the company states.

Aerospike head of global channels sales David Kloc says, “Leveraging Aerospike's market leading high performance real-time NoSQL database as an important data engine component in Optimus, Neural Technologies' customers have been able to process billions of data records to help inform every aspect of their end-customers' experience.

“Using Aerospike inside Optimus enables quick decisions on customer operational profiles to inform customer charging processes and rating reconciliation. We are delighted to positively impact increased customer experience and revenue management with Optimus customers.”

Tangent Works

To address the volumes of data that telcos produce daily, the newest partnership with Tangent Works InstantML solution will combine its advanced machine learning technology with the Optimus data integration platform to provide superior data quality and advanced forecasting, the company states.

Together, it will enable telcos to use data as an asset to inform business decisions such as creating new 5G personalised services to foster customer loyalty.

Imply Druid

To prepare for the new data wave from 5G and Internet of Things applications, Optimus has partnered with Imply Druid to provide an integrated data lake that processes high volumes of usage data.

This combined with the Neural Technologies Optimus Fraud and Revenue Assurance solutions will help to detect revenue leakages and protect the bottom line, the company states.


Neural Technologies chief technology officer Martin Laesch says, “Real-time data processing through pub/sub service is also growing rapidly to achieve modernised and cloud native application architecture.

"By integrating the Kafka data streaming solution in partnership with Confluent, Neural Technologies are able to help customers transform how event data are being consumed efficiently, effectively, decoupling the applications from the conventional tight point-to-point integration dependencies."

An ongoing commitment to partners

Laesch says, “As communication service providers feel the pressure to invest in and deploy 5G infrastructure, we also feel the pressure to provide a one-stop digital transformation solution which will help telcos to maximise a return on investment.

“Our commitment to our new partners will offer a wider breadth of integrated solutions to process the expected data volume growth of 5G to enhance customer service delivery, protect revenue and more.”

He says, “We are very excited about the prospects and opportunities that high volumes of data hold for telcos as 5G networks evolve.

"With our enhanced Optimus platform, global leading operators can maximise the value of data to fulfil the promise of 5G to customers as well as generate new revenue streams and protect the bottom line as the network becomes increasingly complex.”

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