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New diagnostic intelligence solution launched to maximize the ROI of business-critical mobility investments
Tue, 7th Dec 2021
FYI, this story is more than a year old

A new diagnostic intelligence solution - SOTI XSight - has been launched which rapidly resolves app and mobile device issues. By leveraging advanced diagnostics and analytics, IT administrators can improve worker performance and reduce operating costs of business-critical mobile operations.

Global businesses across multiple industries are increasingly adopting mobile technology, with more than 50% of the world's workforce already mobile. Yet recent research shows that 20% of businesses have little to no visibility over their mobile devices and applications, and 85% of workers never report issues to IT, leaving IT departments blind to major problems and unable to fix issues quickly.

With SOTI XSight, organisations can now fix IT problems faster by getting total visibility of their mobile device operations, solving current issues and protecting themselves against future ones.

“As mobile device fleets grow in size and complexity, so too do the number of mobile issues impacting worker performance, bottom-line productivity and customer satisfaction. Organisations can't see or physically hold remote devices to learn what the issues are, and they cannot fully understand what is causing device downtime,” says SOTI, president and CEO, Carl Rodrigues.

“We created SOTI XSight to address this gap by combining advanced diagnostic capabilities alongside powerful analytical insights to answer ‘why' there's an issue and ‘how' can we solve it. Successful businesses need devices and apps to just work.”

SOTI XSight core functionalities include:

Operational intelligence – minimise downtime and keep business running smoothly
Deploying devices quickly is critical, but so is monitoring their performance and making smart decisions to maximise their efficiency, ROI and lifespan. Through built-in analytics and interactive charts, SOTI XSight allows organisations to automatically pull critical data – including current and historical metrics – to analyse battery health, app and data usage, cellular connectivity and device utilisation.

Advanced diagnostics – a rich set of troubleshooting tools to minimise device downtime
Waiting for a device to get into the hands of IT and then pulling diagnostic data doesn't help the end-user in a meaningful way. With SOTI XSight, businesses can remotely troubleshoot devices from a single screen, using tools such as remote control to see what is happening on the device, device analytics, pulling device log files, ADB logs and other data. At the onset, a device snapshot can be retrieved that preserves the precise state of the device, allowing developers to analyse the problem at a future date.

Automated monitoring – awareness of problems before they occur with proactive notifications
Being notified of a problem after it occurs is too late and quite costly. Businesses know that every second of downtime results in lost revenue, frustrated workers and unhappy customers. SOTI XSight provides automatic notifications when devices experience low memory, high data consumption, frequent drops, high battery discharge rates or excessive power consumption. In addition, IT administrators can create watchlists to monitor devices automatically and receive alerts so that device downtime can be avoided.

Incident management – real-time visibility into issues
SOTI XSight's incident management tools allow businesses to quickly and efficiently support customers anywhere in the world and empower support agents to solve issues on the first call by remote controlling and troubleshooting devices from within a ticket.

Collaboration tools allow IT to draw on remote device screens to help and train users. Audio and video recordings, as well as screenshots, can be used to accurately document problems. As a result, concise documentation of complex problems is easier, and developers get the detailed information they need to resolve issues quickly.

Available as a cloud or on-premise solution, SOTI XSight extends traditional Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) capabilities with deep analytics, advanced diagnostics and complete management of devices in the field.