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New Relic launches its generative AI observability assistant
Wed, 3rd May 2023

New Relic, the all-in-one observability platform for engineers, has announced New Relic Grok, which the company calls the "world’s first generative AI assistant for observability”.

New Relic Grok reduces the toil of manually sifting through data, makes observability accessible to all, regardless of prior experience, and unlocks insights from any telemetry data source. Leveraging OpenAI's large language models (LLMs) and New Relic's unified telemetry data platform, New Relic Grok allows engineers to use natural language prompts to perform tasks previously done via traditional user interfaces - setup instrumentation, troubleshoot issues, build reports, manage accounts, and more. This accelerates New Relic customers' efforts to consolidate telemetry data in its platform, increases the volume of queries that uncover insights, and enables new teams to adopt observability.

"Generative AI is a technological paradigm shift that will transform how software is developed and maintained,” says Stephen Elliot, vice president of the IDC Group. “Winning solutions should go beyond chatbots and language processors to holistic intelligence solutions that provide a single source of truth, break down silos, and ensure knowledge workers work smarter and deliver clear business results."

“Ever since we invented cloud APM in 2008, we have pioneered innovations years ahead of competitors. New Relic Grok is the continuation of this DNA and defines how generative AI will transform our industry,” says Bill Staples, the chief executive officer of New Relic. "New Relic Grok makes observability dramatically simpler, democratises access to instant insights, and helps engineering teams realise the true potential of observability."

"We are thrilled to be leading the charge in APAC to harness the potential of generative AI in the observability space. New Relic Grok will be a key enabler to help companies in the region stay competitive in an increasingly fast-paced, data-driven business environment," notes Peter Marelas, chief architect for APJ at New Relic. 

“With data and AI initiatives across organisations in APAC surging, New Relic Grok will be a powerful tool for every engineer. We are excited to bring this product to our customers to help transform observability operations and deliver exceptional experiences that fuel innovation and growth."

Engineers rely on observability to run digital businesses and gain real-time insights into operations, system health, and customer experience. However, they face mountains of siloed telemetry data, a lack of familiarity with increasingly complex systems, and hard-to-use troubleshooting interfaces. New Relic Grok aims to address these hurdles. It serves high-quality insights by deploying generative AI to a hyper-scaled and unified telemetry data source, enables engineers to understand complex systems easily, and makes observability accessible to every engineer regardless of prior experience. As the vision of generative AI is realised, it fuels tool and data consolidation onto New Relic, the only platform that runs on a unified data source for all telemetry from all services monitored. 

New Relic Grok will allow all engineers to identify instrumentation gaps, provide instructions on instrumenting services, set up missing alerts, and automate alerts using Terraform.

Engineers can chat to ask anything, such as, "Why is my service not working?" New Relic Grok will analyse piles of telemetry data and recent changes to identify the root cause.

Moreover, with CodeStream and errors inbox, New Relic Grok automatically pinpoints code-level errors in the IDE and analyses code, stack traces, and production telemetry to suggest fixes.

Anyone can generate a system or app health report complete with anomalies, issues, and recent deployments with just a few words. No more trying to filter dashboards.

With the New Relic Grok, anyone can use plain language (in more than 50 languages) to craft analysis queries and translate query results into simple explanations for easy sharing with all teams, including executives. 

Finally, users can let New Relic Grok manage their account, users and user access, data retention rules, usage, billing, and more.

“New Relic Grok comes on the heels of New Relic’s first-of-its-kind machine learning operations (MLOps) capability that allows engineering teams to monitor applications built with OpenAI’s GPT Series APIs. The AI assistant will be available soon via a limited preview as part of the New Relic all-in-one observability platform,” informs the company.