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Nintex Promapp mobile app to deliver process-in-your-pocket
Fri, 9th Sep 2022
FYI, this story is more than a year old

Nintex has announced the launch of its Nintex Promapp mobile app, empowering company-wide business teams to gain efficiencies via process management, no matter where they are working from.

The new app will have several key benefits.

It will help drive consistency of service to customers from anywhere, at any time.

It will help organisations manage risk and ensure compliance since everyone on the team has the most up-to-date information.

It will establish total visibility over an enterprise's processes while on the go and develop an enterprise-wide process culture.

In essence, the app will help organisations become more productive, collaborative and flexible.

More productive because it will minimise downtime with access to process information no matter when and where.

More collaborative because one can read and provide feedback on any business process while on the go.

More flexible because one can document and share the new business process with one's teammates quickly and easily.

Finally, the app will help previously underserved frontline workers to work more efficiently and stay in sync with the rest of the organisation. So, every process is just a click away, whether you are a field agent out for inspection or a human resource manager interviewing candidates at a career fair.

This is important because, unfortunately, one of the key voices missing from the process management conversation is that of frontline workers. As a result, while process excellence is championed by management, the actual practices often don't reach those working at the very forefront of an organisation.

Notably, the Nintex Promapp mobile app, available to all organisations with an active Nintex Promapp license, can be installed on Android and iOS devices.

Also, the Nintex Promapp mobile and its desktop version are interconnected to keep the processes running smoothly. Changes made on the desktop are instantaneously updated on mobile to ensure every process participant is viewing the latest processes.

The newly launched mobile app is part of the Nintex Process Platform, which organisations use to accelerate their digital transformation using process management and automation.

The Platform’s other components include Nintex Workflow, Nintex RPA, Nintex DocGen, Nintex AssureSign, and Nintex Analytics.

The entire Platform is geared towards making it fast and easy to manage, automate, and optimise business processes.

Organisations can visually plan, map, and manage business processes with easy-to-use tools.

They can identify the processes best suited for or needing automation and get started with clicks, not code.

They can then optimise the business processes by leveraging the data created through the automated processes.

"With the launch of the Nintex Promapp mobile app, every person in every organisation can now have business processes at their fingertips, whether they are in the boardroom or on the manufacturing floor," says Nintex Chief Product Officer Neal Gottsacker.

“Visibility matters when it comes to your processes. Identify, optimise, and drive efficiency across your enterprise with Nintex Promapp."