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Nintex simplifies app development with K2 Five software updates

Nintex has released updates and new features for Nintex K2 Five, the company's low-code process automation on-premise software designed to help IT professionals, app developers, and power users to build process and workflow applications with speed and ease.

On the announcement, Nintex chief product officer Neal Gottsacker says, “Since Nintex acquired K2 in October 2020, our teams have been hard at work to ensure we continue to provide our global Nintex community with technology innovations that take a modern approach to process automation and application development.

"Our latest features within Nintex K2 Five further empower IT teams and app developers to rapidly and easily build mission-critical solutions.

New features include the following.

Style Profile: The new Style Profile provides a visual design experience for creating customised themes and styles that can be applied to any form, enabling organisations to standardise the look-and-feel of all applications to match corporate brand guidelines or create different looks for each application they build.

Built-in error resolution: Error resolution handling can be customised for apps with On Workflow Error events, allowing teams to specify what action should be taken when an error occurs.

Automated deployment: Existing CI/CD pipelines can be supported with enhanced capabilities for automated packaging and deployment of K2 Software-based applications and dependent resources.

According to Nintex, the latest updates and software as a whole is designed to solve business problems quickly and at scale. At present, the company states three of the most notable benefits of Nintex K2 Five are the following.

Process apps that are built and deployed rapidly: With low-code tooling, organisations can build process apps with the simple of drag-and-drop design.

Empowered teams and maximised resources: IT can build and deploy customised apps faster while enabling less-technical power users to automate their own workflows in a low-code setting.

Take control of processes and workflows: Teams are able to improve visibility into enterprise-wide processes while maintaining control and governance over who has access and what information they have access to, Nintex states.

An example of the updates in action is with First Solar, a large solar manufacturer.

The company states it leverages the Nintex K2 Five process automation platform to centralise support while gaining the flexibility to build workflows.

First Solar IT manager Charles Carr says, “Nintex K2 Five gives us the ability to get solutions out the door a lot faster. We've been able to get the same amount of work done in less time but with better quality.

"You don't have to be a developer to build things, which has expanded the number of people who can work on things internally and reduced our reliance on third parties and offshore developers.

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