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NTT Group & ClimateForce develop world's first smart rainforest
Thu, 18th Jan 2024

In a move towards environmental sustainability, NTT Group has partnered with ClimateForce to create the world's first smart rainforest. The unique initiative employs NTT's groundbreaking Smart Management Platform technology and aims to regenerate a section of Australia's Daintree Rainforest. It is part of a larger strategy to facilitate sustainable and cost-effective models for environmental restoration efforts worldwide.

The collaborative project envisions a regeneration model that harnesses the power of advanced technology and analytical tools. As part of the partnership, NTT Group's sponsorship will facilitate the regeneration work leveraging Smart Management Platform (SMP) Technology and Analytics. Further support will come from NTT DATA, a global leader in digital business and IT services, which will provide operational assistance and contribute to fundraising activities.

ClimateForce is focusing its efforts on a section of Australia's Daintree Rainforest, that was destroyed for agricultural use many decades ago. This land parcel, situated near the Great Barrier Reef, has since become overrun with invasive plant species. "ClimateForce is a proving ground for technologies that protect biodiversity and help mitigate climate change," said Barney Swan, CEO and Co-founder of ClimateForce. "The generous support from NTT and NTT DATA will help us quickly expand our initiative in the Daintree and speed our goal of developing replicable models that regenerate ecosystems, protect biodiversity and foster resilient local economies in other locations."

The partnership aims to leverage AI, data gathering and analysis, together with predictive analytics to test various organic reforestation techniques. NTT DATA's role extends beyond providing operational support for the initiative. The organisation is also making financial contributions that will facilitate ClimateForce's ability to purchase and permanently protect the regenerated land.

The affiliation between NTT DATA and ClimateForce extends beyond this project. Recalling their initial connection, Bob Pryor, CEO, NTT DATA Services said, "NTT DATA met Barney through our sponsorship of his father’s Undaunted: South Pole 2023 expedition, which advocated for sustainable practices and long-term protections for Antarctica. We’re excited to extend this relationship and help ClimateForce with its mission in the tropics, which perfectly aligns with our own vision for realising a sustainable future."

According to NTT, the concept of a Smart Rainforest, with its ethos of sustainable restoration, presents a beacon of hope in the global fight against environmental degradation and biodiversity loss. It signifies a potential pathway for other organisations to follow, promoting sustainable practices supported by advanced technology and contributing to a healthier planet in the process, the company states.