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Overcoming technostress with smart technology solutions

Modern businesses rely heavily on technology to ensure streamlined processes and practices across their operations. Particularly in the hybrid working environment, innovative technologies that empower employees to work from anywhere without sacrificing productivity are essential, especially when simplifying the employee experience. 

Australian businesses continue to invest in their technology solutions to drive efficiencies. Unfortunately, an overwhelming number of technologies and applications in the workplace can ultimately lead to instances of technostress — anxiety, tension, or distress caused by the introduction of new technologies — which can hinder their capabilities. Technostress creates additional challenges for workers, including more sick days and lower productivity, and can also lead to increased staff turnover. To mitigate the risks, organisations should streamline their technology stacks and simplify the network architecture with integrated solutions.

A complex IT architecture can complicate the workplace far beyond what it needs to be to operate efficiently. Increasingly, businesses are investing in new technologies to streamline processes and drive efficiencies; however, this can lead to software bloat, which ultimately impedes productivity and can frustrate employees.

Modern organisations need to invest in smarter solutions that simplify their processes and architectures at the same time. Integrated solutions that centralise views and operations let employees achieve greater productivity levels without sacrificing the employee experience.

A streamlined network architecture built around integrated technologies can also simplify the onboarding process for new employees. This is essential amid the ongoing skills shortage, where learning numerous new applications and processes at once can be overwhelming for new starters. Instead, integrated technologies can provide a seamless user interface and improved experience to reduce the pressure on employees learning new tools. It also means that employees aren’t having to switch between applications constantly to do their jobs but instead can access everything they need in one place. 

It’s also crucial that organisations invest in solutions that can be managed remotely to ensure continuous use and reliability regardless of where the user is located. As such, solutions that IT personnel can access and update from anywhere are critical to success.

Every workplace has its challenges; however, struggling to use the technology people require to do their jobs shouldn’t be one of them. It’s essential for organisations to invest in solutions that prioritise productivity without sacrificing the user experience. Innovative technologies are critical to business success; however, their usefulness can be negated if they are too busy, challenging, or overwhelming to use.

Technology should be simple and easy to use for the people that need it to do their jobs. Organisations that prioritise simplicity and invest in creating a more integrated workplace IT infrastructure will benefit more in the long run. Investing in integrated solutions that offer remote access and support via remote control is a crucial solution.

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