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PALO IT launches tracker to help companies curb emissions
Tue, 20th Jun 2023

Global Tech innovation consultancy PALO IT launches its Impact Tracker platform, designed for organisations to assess their carbon footprint.  

The PALO IT Impact Tracker measures performance across various areas before addressing these challenges via one comprehensive, unified dashboard. The Tracker can be implemented in less than three weeks and is open source, allowing for a more standardised system for assessment. 

The PALO IT Impact Tracker provides consolidated data visibility in various areas: Carbon, Finance, People, Processes, and the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Its key objective is to build a tailor-made end-to-end approach for its users, focusing on actionable insights.  

To achieve this, it first assesses the "sustainability status" of the organisation based on structured quantitative data and qualitatively collected information. These include carbon footprint estimation and accounting, SDG adherence assessment, training modules for staff, and a carbon purchase analysis.  

The new software is available for demonstration free of charge and will be continually improved in response to feedback from users and other external sources.

Tanguy Fournier le Ray, Co-founder and Managing Director for Australia, PALO IT, says: "One of our company's core pillars is knowledge sharing, and the PALO IT Impact Tracker is an open innovation." 

"It is an all-in-one data-driven tool that can be customised and set up in less than three weeks for a quick assessment of sustainability awareness and carbon footprint. It promotes decision-making that is more agile, resilient, and scalable." 

"We are honoured and eager to support businesses as they start their sustainable transformation," says Fournier le Ray. 

According to an environmental sustainability study published by SAP in November 2022, Australian businesses are increasingly seeing the financial benefits of embracing sustainability; however, it's reported that an inability to measure the impact of their efforts accurately could hinder progress. 

Customer demand (39%) and revenue and growth opportunities (36%) are the top two motivating factors for Australian businesses to take environmental action, followed by governmental regulation (36%) as another leading factor. 

The report adds that organisations risk losing out if they fail to place data at the heart of their sustainability strategy.

In addition, research by the APRA reveals that up to 70% of medium-to-large Australian companies have disclosed their approach to "measuring and managing climate risks." 

The PALO IT Impact Tracker provides companies with a centralised system to monitor and streamline their efforts, and save on costs, ultimately bolstering broader efforts towards sustainability.

Stanislas Bocquet, Founder & CEO Stanislas Bocquet, says: "The PALO IT Impact Tracker is a quick, easy, and price-competitive solution to kick off the sustainable transformation journey." 

"In less than three weeks, the software can assess the carbon footprint and employee awareness and build a concrete action plan for better business decision-making." 

"Our ambition is to leverage Tech as a Force For Good and this innovation forward to contribute to a future where tracking impact performance will be streamlined and related to the triple bottom line: profit, people, planet," says Bocquet.

PALO IT is a certified B corporation in Hong Kong and Singapore with offices in Sydney and Melbourne and global locations across five continents. It is dedicated to helping organisations craft new products and business models that embrace tech as a force for good.