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Partisia Blockchain spearheads decentralisation discourse at World Crypto Forum
Wed, 10th Jan 2024

Partisia Blockchain, the Swiss-based entity dedicated to fostering the innovation of privacy-preserving, interoperable, and sustainable solutions for fairness and transparency, is set to put decentralisation on the world map at the inaugural World Crypto Forum.

This event, alongside the World Economic Forum (WEF), promises to position blockchain and digital assets on the frontline of economic, political, and technological discussions. Partisia Blockchain's participation as a sponsor includes hosting a keynote address, unveiling a new product, and playing a central role on two panels.

The World Crypto Forum runs concurrently with the WEF in Davos. It serves as a nexus hub for experts, leaders, and trailblazers in the blockchain sector to share ideas and further move Web3 technology, the next-generation internet ecosystem, forward. The forum's agenda will shed light on crucial topics such as Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs), financial inclusion, sustainability, asset risk, and digital identity.

Given the WEF's focus this year on "Rebuilding trust", Partisia Blockchain positions itself aptly for a leading role. Their solutions are built on the cyber-security trifecta of zero-knowledge proofs, smart contracts, and multiparty computation (MPC) on the blockchain. This blend of security techniques promises to ensure not only robust data privacy but also the control and ownership of digital data. Such features allow Partisia Blockchain's platform to support any form of transaction in digital spaces and directly contribute to the WEF's thrust to restore trust, particularly in digital transactions.

Among Partisia Blockchain's delegates is co-founder Brian Gallagher, who holds two United States patents for decentralised identity management on the blockchain. Gallagher is scheduled to participate on two panels, 'Building the future with cross-chain liquidity' and 'Web3 and digital identity'.

The panel discussions will focus on subjects including the regulatory implications of cross-border transactions, AML, compliance, interoperability, and cross-chain custody solutions. Of particular interest are Web3 and Digital Identity, which will highlight user control, solution inclusiveness and accessibility, as well as data privacy and security.

Partisia Blockchain's co-founder, Brian Gallagher, expressed enthusiasm for the forum: "We are excited to be a part of the first World Crypto Forum at Davos. It could not have come at a better moment, as crypto and digital assets are on the cusp of mainstream institutional adoption. This points to not only the efficacy of crypto but of the underlying possibilities for enterprise blockchains and decentralised management of identity and assets, especially regarding custody."

"We hope all of the delegates at Davos are ready to embrace this message because decentralised governance infrastructures will help any and all of the ways we transact, and are the only means to effectively build trust in our digital world into the future."

Other executives from Partisia Blockchain will also be in attendance at the event to share their perspectives and insights in various discussions. This presence positions the company as a thought leader in shaping the future of decentralisation.