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Poly ANZ explores hybrid working and how to provide equality of experience
Tue, 22nd Jun 2021
FYI, this story is more than a year old

Many businesses are on a journey to understanding how they can best provide and manage a hybrid workplace for their employees.

In Poly's fifth instalment of its ANZ Stories video series, the hybrid workplace becomes the focal point of an important discussion: How to best support staff when they return to the office - and when they work from home.

Cushman - Wakefield's Tica Hessing is a ‘human geographer' and workplace strategy manager. She knows a thing or two about managing a hybrid workplace that provides flexibility and also takes the entire workplace ecosystem into account.

“When businesses want to move their offices they don't really know what they need in terms of workplace requirements. I help them to work out what the future of work means for their organisation, and what the workplace requirements are.

Hessing says these requirements could include meeting room setups, the amount of office space, and the workplace experiences that businesses want their employees to have.

It's also important to note that hybrid work means different things to the organisation, each team, and each individual. The key is finding the best form of hybrid work for each one - and often this can change week to week.

Understandably, COVID-19 put a mandate in place for workplace safety for all businesses, their staff, and their clients. Cushman - Wakefield came up with the ‘six feet office concept'.

“I would describe it as a concept that businesses can apply to create a safe workplace. It includes not only physical elements but also emotional cues so that people feel safe as well,” says Hessing.

Poly's ANZ managing director Andy Hurt adds that no matter whether people are in the office or working remotely, the experience needs to be the same for everyone.

“Professional audio and video is key to equality of experience. If someone doesn't have equality of audio or video, they are the weakest link because they're asked to mute their end.

Poly is dedicated to providing equality of experience through a range of products suited for all environments, whether staff are at home, on the road, or in the workplace.

“This story is a great example of how hybrid working can work in a professional environment,” concludes Hurt.

Watch Poly's ANZ Stories Episode 5: Hybrid Working and How to Provide Equality of Experience below, or on YouTube.

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