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Progress launches new releases to help developers build digital experiences
Thu, 15th Jun 2023

Progress has launched the R2 2023 release of Progress Telerik and Progress Kendo UI, the .NET and JavaScript UI libraries and tools for app development.

Delivering digital experiences for a competitive edge requires having the right tools to maximise impact with minimised development time, the company states.

With this latest release, Progress is focused on helping developers address the modern digital requirements enterprises face when providing the best possible employee and customer experience.

According to recent research from market intelligence firm IDC, 43% of tech leaders plan to deliver innovative digital products and services at a faster pace than they have in the past two years, putting developers under extreme pressure to build things quicker.

Utilising Progress proven UI component librarieswhich offer the most components on the market for Blazor, .NET MAUI and Angulardevelopers can deliver a powerful UI for apps and digital experiences with speed and unmatched quality.

Loren Jarrett, Executive Vice President and General Manager, Digital Experience, Progress, comments, "Developers are under more pressure than ever to deliver the right experiences for the business quickly. Today's release of the Telerik and Kendo UI tools makes it possible for developers to deliver beautiful, modern user experiences faster, with no compromise on quality."

Release highlights include:

New components:

  • Conversational UI for Progress Telerik UI for .NET MAUI helps embed a chat interaction channel to cross-platform projects.
  • A new PivotGrid in Progress Telerik UI for Blazor enables developers to build interactive and data-rich apps more easily.
  • PDF Viewer in Progress Kendo UI for Angular and Telerik UI for .NET MAUI helps developers display documents without extra tools.
  • A new Progress KendoReact Spreadsheet component allows developers to embed Excel-like functionality in their web apps.
  • A new Gauge report functionality in Progress Telerik Reporting and Progress Telerik Report Server enable users to easily convey key metrics or performance indicators in reports.

Improved performance:

  • Grid performance optimisations ensure that the right information is delivered without delay.
  • Utilising .NET 8 Preview in Telerik UI for Blazor and Progress Telerik UI for ASP.NET Core components enables developers to further speed up performance while working with the latest from Microsoft.
  • Added support for Angular 16 in Kendo UI for Angular components helps developers leverage increased performance, usability and security.

Increased adaptability and cross-platform delivery:

  • With support for Blazor Hybrid in Telerik UI for Blazor, which continues to be the largest UI library for the Microsoft framework with more than 100+ native UI components, developers can save time and effort by using a single codebase for Blazor web, desktop and mobile apps. This enables faster cross-platform deployment, simplified maintenance and a consistent user experience.
  • A new Compact Grid option for Telerik UI for ASP.NET Core, Progress Telerik UI for MVC and Progress Kendo UI for jQuery helps provide meaningful data views on small screens.
  • A new adaptive mode for mobile-friendly rendering is available for various Telerik and Kendo UI components mobile-friendly rendering.

Efficient UI styling and customisation:

  • Added Progress ThemeBuilder support for Kendo UI for jQuery, Telerik UI for ASP.NET Core and Telerik UI for MVC components helps developers modernise the style of their UI without the need to write complex CSS rules.
  • New design system documentation gives developers the information they need to ensure applications built with Telerik and Kendo UI components meet branding and styling requirements.

Progress also released new features, enhancements and components for .NET web, mobile, desktop and cross-platform development across its UI libraries, embedded reporting, mocking, debugging and testing tools, including: Progress Telerik UI for ASP .NET AJAX, Progress Telerik UI for WPF, Progress Telerik UI for WinUI, Progress Telerik UI for WinForms, Progress Telerik Fiddler Everywhere, Progress Telerik JustMock, Progress Telerik Test Studio Dev Edition and its JavaScript libraries, including Progress Kendo UI for Vue.