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Qualtrics' new product line offers insights into CX and EX
Fri, 21st Oct 2022
FYI, this story is more than a year old

Qualtrics has announced CrossXM, a new product line that gives leaders automated insights into how their employee, customer and brand experiences impact one another, helping them identify the actions they can take to drive the biggest impact across their business.

According to the company, with Qualtrics CrossXM, organisations can understand how key employee experience metrics, such as manager support, career development and recognition, have a direct, statistically significant impact on customer outcomes. With these insights, leaders can focus on initiatives that will drive the most value for employees and customers.

With shifting business priorities and decreasing budgets, allocating resources across employee, customer and brand experiences can become a guessing game of competing priorities, Qualtrics states.

Brad Anderson, Qualtrics President of Products and Engineering, states, “Leaders instinctively know that engaged employees deliver great products and great customer service, positively impacting their brand’s reputation as well as boosting customer engagement and spend.

"CrossXM gives organisations the ability to predict how employee experience investments will pay off in brand value and customer outcomes, a powerful innovation that will change the way companies prioritise investments in their most important asset - their employees.”

Qualtrics has automated the labour-intensive, manual process of connecting organisations’ employee experience (EX) and customer experience (CX) data making it a standard, repeatable practice.

Organisations can connect their CX and EX programs using CrossXM today, enabling them to identify which employee experiences have the most impact on the customer experience.

In early 2023, organisations will also be able to connect their CX and BX programs, identifying specific customer experiences that will most impact brand equity.

For example, a rental car company may find that a manual, outdated rental car pickup process is a leading driver for poor customer satisfaction and negative brand perception. In response, the company can take action to digitise the pickup process and feature the improvement in an upcoming advertising to enhance their brand, thus using their resources on the highest impact initiatives.

Helping business leaders work better together CrossXM enables leaders from across the organisation to collaborate on the initiatives that will most effectively retain and attract new customers.

With CrossXM, HR leaders can tie the employee experience directly to business outcomes, proving with data the value of their efforts toward the bottom line.

Customer experience leaders can better leverage their most critical resource, their employees, to understand how their experiences on the frontline can bring customers’ experiences to the next level. Finally, marketing leaders can identify key customer interactions that can boost brand equity, gain a competitive advantage and drive customer lifetime value.

Zachary Chertok, IDC Research Manager for Employee Experience, says, “Employee experience shifts the organisational focus on business objectives to involve employees in how those objectives take shape and are achieved. By focusing on each employee’s engagement with and contribution to work, EX is behavioural and multivariate in how it impacts the state of the business and by extension customer experience.

"The EX-CX link will be defined by measurable engagement points that track back through decisions and outcomes centred on the employee-customer relationship. Qualtrics’ CrossXM offers organisations the necessary insights, expertise, and technology to map, understand and value the EX-CX connection. CrossXM provides an intuitive process for business and people leaders to recognise and focus on the actions that will have the greatest impact on the business.”

CrossXM Employee and Customer Analytics is currently available. CrossXM Brand and Customer Analytics will be available for select audiences in early 2023.