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Radiflow and Cyolo team up to bolster industrial cybersecurity
Mon, 23rd Oct 2023

Radiflow, an international force in Industrial Cybersecurity and Operational Technology (OT), is partnering with zero trust network access firm, Cyolo, to elevate threat detection and fortify against attacks. The collaboration aims to ensure only authorised users can gain network access, rapidly blocking any unauthorised sessions or sources of malicious traffic, thus containing any malicious behaviour swiftly and effectively.

Radiflow, the creators of leading OT cybersecurity platform, CIARA, and Cyolo have joined forces to secure remote access and detect anomalous behaviours better. This partnership guarantees that access to and secure operation of OT/ICS networks and assets are under continuous monitoring and control, reinforced with an efficient response to threats.

Due to increased connectivity from various vendors, the number of authorised external users accessing OT networks remotely has seen a significant rise. However, this surge also brings uncertainty about the identity of users and possible threat actors at the other end of a connection. Radiflow's collaboration with Cyolo aims to mitigate these risks by establishing a fully monitored, secured remote connectivity with comprehensive authentication and session validation capabilities. Additionally, prompt measures can be taken to block unauthorised sessions or malicious traffic, containing any harmful behaviour or malware effectively.

Ilan Barda, Co-Founder & CEO of Radiflow, commented, "Having a central point of entry allows us to better understand OT network activity. The goal of any cybersecurity team is to minimise the attack surface so they can better focus resources". Barda pointed out that this system of identity-based access control, which involves a secured single point of entry, improves the reliability of remote access to crucial network management. This approach not only reduces the risk of production downtime, brand reputation harm, and compliance fines but also enhances overall security by adopting a 'never trust, always verify' approach.

"Anomalous behaviour can come in various ways, from a user gaining unauthorised access to an authorised user forgetting to sign off," said Jake Alosco, VP of Global Partnerships at Cyolo. Alosco explained that they continuously verify user connections, granting access solely to trusted entities such as authorised employees and third-party vendors.

This dual advantage not only boosts security but is also beneficial for organisations struggling to fill employment gaps. The combined solution empowers operators to focus their resources to block any unauthorised sessions swiftly, containing malicious behaviour and the malware, ensuring uninterrupted operations.

This collaboration is part of Radiflow's continued effort to work with companies to identify valuable assets and create an OT-security plan that manages resources effectively. This strategy aligns closely with organisations, ensuring that CISOs and other executives are coordinated in their cybersecurity operations.