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Realtime Robotics and HLS Engineering unite for automation optimisation
Wed, 6th Dec 2023

Boston-based Realtime Robotics, known for its innovative technology in collision-free motion planning for industrial robots, has announced its partnership with HLS Engineering Group, an expert in integrated engineering. This alliance is formed to combine Realtime's recently launched Optimization-as-a-Service solution with HLS' engineering proficiency.

Realtime's innovative Optimization-as-a-Service uses proprietary optimisation software along with experienced robotics and application engineering insights. The service is designed to improve a manufacturer’s overall productivity.

HLS, a trusted engineering partner to several industrial manufacturing customers, brings diverse expertise in the realm of manufacturing, mechanical engineering and robotic automation. This combined solution aims to allow manufacturers to analyse and optimise their automation cells, thus enhancing efficiency and productivity in a much shorter time span.

"Our optimisation solution has already delivered proven results for customers in the automotive manufacturing industry, and the partnership with HLS creates an even stronger value proposition for customers," observed Peter Howard, CEO of Realtime Robotics.

He added, "Our combined expertise and technology can help manufacturers find additional productivity and efficiency improvements in their existing automation cells, without forcing their teams to spend countless hours manually testing different combinations until they achieve their goals."

HLS will employ sophisticated scanning technology to virtualise a customer's cells, which involves gathering data and creating a digital twin of their manufacturing operations.

This digital data will then be processed using Realtime's Optimization-as-a-Service, to analyse and identify any potential bottlenecks in the production. The service is expected to generate and examine hundreds of thousands of potential robot paths, to determine the best motion sequences based on target assignment, robot reach, and other customer-desired parameters.

This complex process can be achieved without causing any disruption in the ongoing production. Once the results are finalised and validated, they can be directly transferred to the production floor, facilitating immediate application.

The alliance of Realtime Robotics and HLS Engineering has opened up a path towards improved productivity and efficiency for manufacturers, streamlining their processes and reducing manual intervention.

Opening its doors in 1966, the HLS Engineering Group is focused on sustainable production solutions in the field of plant construction and engineering. As a specialist and business associate in the field of integrated engineering, the company has particularly focussed on the bodywork sector of the automobile industry.

Additionally, HLS offers solutions to the rail vehicle and aerospace industries and also work in the field of assembly technology, CFRPs and robot-based automation solutions.

Realtime Robotics is an expert in automatic, collision-free motion planning for industrial robots. Its technology generates optimised motion plans and interlocks to achieve the shortest possible cycle time in multi-robot cells. The company's solutions expand the potential of automation, empowering robots to function together in unstructured and collaborative workspaces, reacting to dynamic obstacles the instant changes are perceived.