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Reece is using SnapLogic to modernise its operations
Thu, 8th Dec 2022
FYI, this story is more than a year old

Bathroom and plumbing products supplier, Reece, is using SnapLogic’s technology to power its modernisation journey by allowing the free flow of data.

“Reece’s results excite us not only because we know similar challenges and opportunities exist among other global brands and organisations but because of our close partnership as well,” James Campbell, Australia New Zealand Regional Manager, SnapLogic.

“Since opening our new Australian office, we’ve been able to provide dynamic, on-the-ground support, further strengthening our relationship.

“We are delighted to see how SnapLogic has made – and continues to make – a huge difference to Reece’s thriving business, helping to unlock the insights and business value in its legacy applications while future-proofing its infrastructure and improving agility.

“The tremendous time savings and data flow improvements have had a profound impact on their business, and we’re really looking forward to seeing how this partnership evolves over time.”

Reece has relied on its single-core system to do everything from payroll to finance, and people experience for most of its over 100-year history.

Reece then shifted its strategy to find best-of-breed, off-the-shelf systems for key functions such as HR, Finance, and CRM.

The company formed a specialised Business Systems team to evaluate these key software applications and put them in place.

Reece began lifting key capabilities out of the core platform, moving onto tier 1 cloud-based applications for key HR, Finance and customer enablement and interaction capabilities.

However, Reece encountered a common problem when beginning the journey to modernise its processes in that its systems were not communicating with one another.

This meant Data was only accessible in each individual system, making it a challenge to get the necessary insights to successfully move the business forward.

Reece explains that it began assessing a range of integration tools and iPaaS systems, becoming aware of SnapLogic through a partnership with its systems integrator, as one of the lead solutions consultants was familiar with the tool and recommended including it in the evaluation process.

Reece performed an in-depth proof of concept with two systems, and SnapLogic became the company’s choice because of its ease of use and strong UI visualisations.

“With SnapLogic, you can clearly see a pipeline of the flow of data and the way it will be transformed through the process in a very visual and easy-to-understand way,” says Gabi Currin, Head of Business Systems, Reece.

“While powerful, SnapLogic also has simplicity at its core. It’s accessible, and that was a big attraction for us.

“When it comes to set-up and implementation, SnapLogic was up and running in half the time it would’ve taken us if we were building the integrations ourselves and with half the people.

“If we were building it from scratch, we would’ve needed a team of 10 people. With SnapLogic, we only needed a team of five working on the integration. And by developing certain pipes, we are able to reuse them in other integrations, which saves us a lot of time as well.”

Reece is now running approximately 60 different integrations between all its platforms.

Currin says she is excited about the future, especially because SnapLogic now has a local team after opening its first Australian office earlier this year.

“The opportunities we see with SnapLogic are endless since we’re constantly connecting things to each other,” Currin adds.

“Our appetite for data has grown enormously as a business. And our expectations of everything being connected have also grown exponentially. The ability to share data seamlessly between different systems is a huge advantage for us.”