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'Retimer 3' launch promises sleep revolution with wearable tech
Fri, 5th Jan 2024

Re-time, the Australia-based firm renowned for crafting innovative solutions to improve sleep quality and health, is launching a cutting-edge product named retimer 3. In operation for a decade, Re-time has been the force behind groundbreaking products such as Re-Timer, the first medically certified light therapy product designed to tackle circadian rhythm disorders in 2012, and THIM, the sole wearable utilising the CBTi concept to enhance users' sleep quality.

Re-Time Pty Ltd was formed in 2010 to help people re-time their body clocks and improve sleep. Initially, the company set out to develop a solution to help thousands of people improve their sleep. Professor Leon Lack and Dr Helen Wright from Flinders University have been researching and developing the world's first wearable green-blue light therapy device since 1987.

Now, the retimer 3 product has been specifically designed to revolutionise the way we experience sleep and wakefulness. The device comes integrated with a mobile app and aims to cater to the expanding sleep-deprived market with a wearable that delivers smart features, comfort, and style. This device is the result of a two-year-long journey to redesign the firm's flagship Re-Timer light therapy product.

Re-timer 3's mobile app works seamlessly with Apple Health and Google Health. The goal of the app is to offer users a straightforward method to manage, monitor, and line up their circadian rhythm (body clock) with their lifestyle needs. Conditions such as jet lag, unconventional working hours, battling to fall asleep or wake up on time, and general poor sleep quality are all challenges brought on by modern life that the retimer 3 aims to rectify.

Furthermore, the retimer 3 has been designed to be a game-changer, more than just a typical gadget; it's intended to shape lifestyle habits. The design and technology behind it are oriented towards helping users feel more energised, productive, and happier throughout the day. Additionally, it aims to lower the risk of various health issues that are known to be associated with substandard sleep.

Retimer 3's official launch is to gather funds for mass production via Kickstarter. The fundraising platform will also serve as a medium to connect with early adopters and sleep fanatics, offering them the opportunity to be the initial supporters and users of this next-gen sleep technology. Exclusive rewards and discounts are being extended as a token of gratitude to the early backers.

Retimer 3 has already generated positive feedback from beta testers and early backers, and there is strong confidence that it will significantly transform the sleep tech industry.

As the company enters this exciting phase, they are inviting media outlets to help cover their story. They are eager to introduce more people to the advantages of using retimer 3 and the positive impact it could have on their sleep quality, overall health, and day-to-day productivity.