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Rimini Street launches Rimini Custom to optimise business operations
Wed, 28th Feb 2024

Rimini Street, a global provider of enterprise software support, has launched Rimini Custom, a new service designed to boost the lifecycle and value of existing software while making it easier to add new applications for business improvement. This new offering was developed in response to client demands and stretches Rimini Street's well-regarded support and services over a wider range of enterprise software.

The globally recognised leader in Oracle and SAP software third-party support and a Salesforce and AWS partner, Rimini Street is confident that Rimini Custom™ has the potential to revolutionise the business operations of organisations with limited IT resources. Their objective is to assist businesses in centring their focus on innovative investments and transformations while securing the continuing support of their enterprise software applications, databases, and technologies.

"Rimini Custom is a game-changer for organisations that need to focus their limited IT resources on innovation and transformation investments while ensuring existing, stable enterprise software applications, databases, and technologies continue to support mission-critical operations with an extended useful life. Organisations don’t have the time, resources, or ROI to rip and replace their vast, working software estates. With Rimini Custom, Rimini Street can ensure more of our client’s enterprise software portfolios are supported and optimised while they focus on investments that can help drive competitive advantage and growth," commented David Rowe, chief product officer and EVP of global transformation at Rimini Street.

Since 2005, Rimini Street has partnered with more than 5,300 clients to assuage complex IT challenges and drive business growth and profitability. Rimini Street has established deep technical expertise across a spectrum of enterprise software, including Oracle, SAP, and Salesforce, continuously catering to the demands and needs of its clients. With Rimini Custom, any enterprise software licensee can solicit support for practically any product or release from Rimini Street.

Jeff Miller, senior director of technology services at NIBCO, stated, "Rimini Street delivers exceptional support for our SAP ecosystem. We are excited to explore additional Rimini Street support opportunities with the availability of Rimini Custom."

Rimini Custom clients will benefit from various services that have previously been available only for a limited set of vendors, product lines and releases. The outstanding focus on client service and success has led to a high rating of 4.9 for Rimini Street on cases and onboarding, where 5.0 is considered excellent. Rimini Support features include superior service experience, guaranteed tailored support with proactive root cause analysis, and a single-provider solution that accommodates software support needs efficiently.

"Our unmatched ability to continually grow our capabilities and help clients manage complex enterprise software platforms has distinguished us as the leading independent support provider for enterprises navigating change. With significant investments in support infrastructure, methodology, and resourcing, Rimini Street is able to effectively scale our award-winning support and maintain our high level of quality and service commitment to our clients for a much wider scope of enterprise software products and releases,” concluded Craig Mackereth, global vice president of global support delivery at Rimini Street.